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B9Creations launches its new B9 Scan 500 3D scanner – technical specifications and pricing

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B9Creations, a South Dakota-based manufacturer of resin 3D printers, has announced the launch of its new B9 Scan 500 3D scanner.

Set to be debuted at AGTA GemFair Tucson, the device is designed to combine speed, precision, and ease of use in one comprehensive package, enabling users to replicate small-scale parts with accuracies down to just 5µm.

The B9 Scan 500 is primarily aimed at the jewelry sector with applications in shadow bands, heirloom replication, gemstone scanning, jewelry repair, and link replication.

Shon Anderson, CEO of B9Creations, “At B9Creations, we’re always listening to and leveraging feedback to drive product developments, and the B9 Scan 500 was no exception. We listened to our customers and developed a product that can be leveraged for applications requiring even the highest levels of precision and reliability.”

The B9 Scan 500 3D scanner. Photo via B9Creations.
The B9 Scan 500 3D scanner. Photo via B9Creations.

Resin 3D printing with B9Creations

B9Creations describes itself as an “innovation engine at the forefront of additive manufacturing”, offering a wide variety of resin 3D printers and materials for customers in around 70 countries across the globe. The firm’s products have been utilized by brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Hasbro, the National Institutes of Health, and more.

The company launched its first B9 Core Series 3D printer in 2017, which was marketed as having a print speed four times faster than the industry average. B9Creations has since bolstered its 3D printer portfolio with the B9 Core 550, B9 Core 5 Series XL, and the B9 Core 5 Ascent. Targeting the healthcare sector, the firm even has even developed a printer range dedicated to medical 3D printing: the B9 Core Med Series.

Just recently, B9Creations partnered with U.S. social services group Black Hills Works to 3D print custom assistive devices for over 600 disabled individuals. During the project, the partners produced eating utensils, wearable medical devices, wheelchair grips, waterproof call lights, specialist workplace tools, and more.

The B9 Scan 500 3D scanner

The B9 Scan 500 operates on blue structured LED light technology, with a 1.3MP camera to boot. The device is designed for precise, small part scanning, featuring a scan volume of 90 x 80 x 55mm and a scan accuracy of 5μm. 

B9Creations has built its latest system to be as modular and accessible as possible, so it comes complete with an onboard computer that handles all of the scan processing. This means that users don’t need a separate computer to use the 3D scanner, only a monitor and a mouse will do. The onboard computer is equipped with 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD for scan storage and high-speed reading and writing.

Designed for use on a standard desktop, the B9 Scan 500’s frame only measures 275 x 465 x 450mm and weighs in at 19kg.

Finally, the scanner comes bundled with Leios 2, the company’s own 3D scan processing software. The program enables users to edit meshes, enabling reverse engineering, changes, improvements, replicas, and customizations with ease.

The B9 Scan 500 doesn't require a separate computer. Photo via B9Creations.
The B9 Scan 500 doesn’t require a separate computer. Photo via B9Creations.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications of the B9 Scan 500 3D scanner. The device is available to pre-order now for $14,955.00.

TechnologyStructured LED light
Camera resolution1.3 Megapixels
Light source100 ANSI-lumen, Blue Light
Scan volume90 x 80 x 55mm
Dimensions275 x 465 x 450mm

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Featured image shows the B9 Scan 500 3D scanner. Photo via B9Creations.