Korea develops new 3D printed facial implants

Figuring out how to avoid the complications caused by 3D printed facial implants has become a crucial problem with 3D printing technology. The good news is that Professor Yoon Won- [...]

“Edison Cup” Students Industrial Design Competition highlighted the SDB

Recently, the "Edison Cup" Students Industrial Design Competition has highlighted the ongoing Shanghai Design Biennial. This competition is jointly held by the Shanghai foreign exc [...]

ORNL sets Guinness Record for largest 3D printed object

A new world record has been set by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Guinness World Records honored the organization for developing the largest solid [...]

Chinese scenic area 3D prints public toilet

As the National Tourism Administration of China calls for a “toilet revolution,” the public toilet construction in a Chinese tourist area is witnessing an unprecedented change. Rec [...]

3D Printing helps bring 2000 year old Egyptian skull to life

A joint effort between the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, medical researchers, forensic scientists, 3D printing experts, Egyptologist [...]

Nissan sketched the World’s Largest 3Doodler Sculpture

I guess everyone is very familiar with the 3D pen by now. With a wide range of colors and plastic materials, a 3D pen could produce objects quite conveniently. It has already becom [...]

The Prometheus System Kickstarter

DisTech Automation, a 3D printing company based in Canada, announced the release of its latest product, The Prometheus System. It is a unique product that enables intuitive multi-f [...]

3D printing could help to determine the death of Lucy

Our 3D Printing Industry team recent reported on a young girl who discovered and then 3D printed a replica of an ancient skull. Now, a recent discovery found that the famous fossil [...]

LayerTrove: the latest 3D printing platform

A new platform for high quality 3D printing models has just been launched by Scotland-based 3D printing company LayerTrove, who also happen to be the great minds behind the design- [...]

Girl finds skull and recreates it using 3D printing

Most 12 year olds have toys sitting on their shelves. Dolls, action figures, cars, trucks... I personally had loads of Lego. Lilly Garfinkel in Texas has a 3D printed human skull. [...]