Making a Monster: Creating a Transmission Adapter Plate for a FrankenFerrari

Nick Walker sheds some light on the world of 3D printing and its applications within automotive restoration. Read on to find out more. It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago tha [...]

Want a Printer for Beginners for under $600? Meet the UP Mini 2!

Affordable Desktop printers are growing in numbers, which is great news for schools, small businesses and even hobbyists who want to get their hands on a high quality printer witho [...]

Modla brings 3D printing to streetwear

Whether its haute couture at the Met's latest installation, Manus x Machina, on the runways of Germany with Voxelworld, or even the overall future of the industry, 3D printing is u [...]

Investment professionals target 3D printing industry for gains

Investing in the stock market can be a risky business and an easy way to quickly lose a lot of money. However, the potential for returns in excess of those offered by more stable i [...]

DARPA’s advanced 3D printing research, interview with Mick Maher

I spoke to the manager of DARPA’s 3D printing program about how the Pentagon's technology incubator is using additive manufacturing. This week in Las Vegas the Defense Advanced Res [...]

New 3D food printer coming soon

Columbia University is working on a new 3D food printer that can produce and cook a variety of dishes from frozen base ingredients. They also want to introduce an element of design [...]

17-year-old maker builds his own SLS 3D Printer

What were you doing at 17 besides slacking off and complaining about life? Well one 17-year-old has chosen a different route in his adolescence, deciding to use his angsty teenage [...]

WhiteClouds announces acquisition of Sandboxr

Today WhiteClouds, the largest full-color 3D printing cloud provider in the world announced the acquisition of Sandboxr, the go-to 3D printer and software developer of video game c [...]

Rigid Vibration Absorption Now a Reality

Another breakthrough for space travel, as 3D printing has allowed for the creation of lattice structures which could one day be used to help absorb vibrations spacecraft withstand [...]

3D printed snake robot

It creeps along the ground, it swims, and it even crawls up walls! SAW (single actuator wave-like robot) is the first robot that produces a pure wave-like motion with a single moto [...]