XYZprinting Adds Four New Distributors for da Vinci 3D Printers

XYZprinting has quickly become one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer 3D printers and, as a result, has seen their 3D printing products distributed through one of the widest [...]

3D Printed VR for Kids (and for a Good Cause)

Not long ago, I was treated to just about every project that Structure Sensor power user and host of the All Things 3D podcast Mike Balzer was working on. His numerous projects cov [...]

Three Signs from formnext that the Fully Automated 3D Printing Factory Is Coming

While the consolidated (and gigantic) tooling machine industry has been focusing on a fully automated process which produces a final part through multiple robotic tools (including [...]

3D Printed Guns Back on Trial Again in Australia

One of the very first and still most controversial uses of 3D printing by the general public is the ability to manufacture guns. The potential to freely model and 3D print a lethal [...]

Moment's New 3D Printer Gives Them a New Moment to Shine

Recently, the Korean 3D printing market has seen some interesting developments in one of its big players, and the story seems like an old “bad news / good news” joke. Readers of th [...]

3D LeeJo Makes 3D Printing a Big Hit in Korea

Traveling nationwide in South Korea to report on those involved in the 3D printing industry, it is getting harder to become REALLY impressed by the variety of machines and firms ou [...]

3D Hubs Presents the 100% Bigger & Better 2016 3D Printer Guide

In Italian, there is a saying that goes something like “union makes strength”. It basically means that the group is stronger than the sum of its parts. In 3D printing, the “group” [...]

meeperBOTS Made Custom with 3D Printed Mods

If you are a Star Wars fan, like me, then, chances are, you have seen, if not currently in possession of, the smartphone-controlled BB8 toy, which is tons of fun and easy to use be [...]

Get a 3D Selfie with a Soccer Star on Staramba's 3D Scanning App

Ever wanted to talk with or just stand in the same vicinity as your favorite athlete or celebrity? Well Germany-based STARAMBA have just developed and released an application that [...]

3D Print with i.materialise Directly from Your iPhone

Most of us do not live in a world where we need to print a file on the run, with that file only contained on an iOS device and, therefore, no access to certain online 3D printing s [...]

3DFlow’s 3D Zephyr Software Takes Photogrammetry into the Future

After binging on futuristic industrial manufacturing visions at formnext, it is time to go back to reality. Fortunately, even more so now that I collaborate with my friend Mauro at [...]

Most Read Articles from Last Week – November 22nd

Faster Than a Ferrari and It Was 3D Printed?! Let’s cut to the chase. For those of you who don’t know Kevin Czinger, he’s the man who built this. You’re looking at the world’s firs [...]

3D Printing Comes to the Aid of India's Pediatric Surgeons

All over the world, surgeons and doctors have become more and more accustomed to using personalize 3D printed models to help prepare for complex surgeries. In India particularly, t [...]

Naked Prosthetics Restores Lost Fingers with 3D Printing

Naked Prosthetics, a company started by disabled veteran Colin Macduff and his wife, has turned to 3D printing technology in order to restore full finger function for both himself [...]

Made In Space Archinaut to 3D Print Large Structures in Space

Today, NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) has announced a new program to advance "Tipping Point" technologies that will bring on a new era of space exploration and [...]

NX1 3D Printer with Carbon3D-Like Speeds on Kickstarter

One of the more dreadful parts of the 3D printing process is definitely the wait, which can extend for quite some time depending on what you’re attempting to make. But one Italian- [...]

26-Hour Face Transplant Made Possible with 3D Printing

One fateful night back in 2001, a former volunteer firefighter from Mississippi named Patrick Hardison bravely entered a burning home seeking to rescue anyone who might be stuck in [...]

Occipital & Lynx Join Forces to Make Portable 3D Scanning Even More Precise

Occipital is among the first, if not the first, firm to create a low-priced, portable 3D scanner.  While an amazing Kickstarter campaign got their iPad/iPhone-powered Structure Sen [...]

New Balance Announces 3D Printed Midsoles in New Running Shoe Line

3D printing technology has been utilized for footwear and orthopedic support by quite a few companies and individuals thus far. From the medically-supportive company SOLS, who 3D p [...]

Chinese President Receives Tiny, Powerful Present from a Nanoscribe 3D Printer

While visiting the Hamlyn Centre at the London-based Imperial College, Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, were reportedly amazed while witnessing 3D [...]