Chromatic 3D Materials advance with fund raising

Adding weight to the argument that the materials space is one of the most interesting aspects of 3D printing, a new company has recently entered the additive manufacturing industry [...]

Industry insight into Winbo: a 3D printing one-stop-shop

Winbo Smart Tech are devoted to the development of 3D printing technologies in pretty much every way possible. The company’s infrastructure is designed in such a way that all a con [...]

3D printing investor raises $12.9 million

3D printing investment activity continues apace with news that San Francisco based venture capital firm, Pathbreaker Ventures, have completed their first round of fundraising. Path [...]

$15 billion boost to 3D printing companies from Airbus contract

Recent news from 3D printing giant, Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS), marks another milestone passed as 3D printing advances and becomes further integrated with traditional manufacturing pr [...]

Art meets reality in HBO’s Westworld 3D printed inspiration

When HBO first announced their new series Westworld, I was seriously excited. Having watched Yul Brynner star in the original film only recently, the 1973 film was still fresh in m [...]

Additive manufacturing grows with Tangible Solutions, Ohio

Tangible Solutions, a company that solves industry problems using 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) technologies, is expanding thanks to a loan from the city of Fairborn Ohi [...]

Q3 wave of investment activity in 3D printing industry

While the crowd may have moved on, the smart investors have returned to the 3D printing sector in force as this review of recent investments, venture capital activity and other fin [...]

Advances in robotics made easier by forthcoming 3D printed TurtleBot

Since launching in 2007, the Robot Operating System (ROS) has become the most widely used programming language for commanding robots. As an opensource language, the creation of ROS [...]

3D printing to help diagnose patients with anemia

Access to healthcare and treatment and also diagnostic facilities can be difficult in remote regions. From rural areas to underdeveloped countries, not everyone lives in an area wh [...]

Competition to Print the Future on the International Space Station

The National Space Society (NSS) program Enterprise in Space (EIS), are calling for university teams to send in their visions of interplanetary transport, construction, and habitat [...]