Optomec Partners with Emona to Expand Additive Manufacturing Market in Australia and New Zealand

It looks like Optomec, a leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals and 3D printed electronics is on an expansion drive with y [...]

Will 3D Printing change Africa ?

  Anyone following the 3D Printing fever will likely have come across stories about 3D Printing possibilities for the developing world. There is no doubt that many in the make [...]

Where are you Bre Pettis?

  Bre Pettis is a modern day phenomenon. After making serious bank from the $404 million sale of MakerBot in 2013, he essentially dropped off the face of the Earth just two ye [...]

NASA unveils 3D printed methane turbopump

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has turned to 3D printing once again to make science fiction into fact with a Methane-powered rocket turbo pump that rewrites all [...]

3D Printed Tracheal Models Aids in Airway Evaluation After Patient’s Surgery

One major way that the medical industry has been impacted by 3D printing technology is with patient-specific 3D modeling, which has allowed doctors to accurately prepare for intens [...]

Investigation on Eora 3D Scanner IndieGogo Campaign

  As reported earlier this week, crowdfunding has served as a proving ground of sorts for 3D scanning and printing, where only a select few campaigns have shipped an actual pr [...]

Breaking News: Pinshape founders are leaving

  Pinshape founders announced exactly a month ago that the platform would be shutting down, this was followed by its resurrection with a sale to a mysterious buyer. Since then [...]

3D printed implants gain traction

3D printed parts are slowly taking over as the preferred choice for implants and replacement joints and bones. Surgeons will use tens of thousands of cranial implants, hip replacem [...]

NASA successfully tested the world's First Full Scale 3D Printed Rocket Engine

On April 21, 2016 NASA announces the successful testing of a 3D printed fuel pump that may lay the first stone for the methane-fueled Mars lander.  Just to give you a broader prosp [...]

BotFactory’s JF Brandon Talks to Us About the Squink Circuit Printer and New Multilayering Capabilities

Up on seventh floor of the NYDesigns incubator, which is located in Long Island City, Queens, sits a relatively small 3D printing company focused on some big-time innovation. The s [...]