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CADchat’s cloud-based platform offers a better way to manage product development projects

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Software development firm CADchat has launched its new cloud-based digital workspace aiming to cater to the needs of product development teams.

A simple combination of features from existing platforms like Teams, Slack, and Dropbox isn’t enough for product development teams, says the company. While offering advantages in communication and file sharing, these tools fall short of a truly integrated solution. CADchat addresses this need by bringing together all aspects of product development in a single, unified digital workspace. This consolidation creates a seamless experience for development teams.

CADchat’s case study includes GE Vernova significantly reduced development time (over 90% improvement) for parts and tooling using CADchat. This suggests a potential for increased efficiency in project coordination. Teams interested in exploring these benefits can sign up for a free trial of CADchat, says the company.

“Product development doesn’t end when the meeting does, and neither should the tools we use,” said Graham Bredemeyer, CEO of CADchat. “With CADchat, we are thrilled to offer a platform that not only supports real-time collaboration but also enriches the continuity of teamwork. Our digital workspaces ensure that everything from 3D models to critical feedback remains accessible and interactive long after the calls have ended.”

With a simple graphic interface, CADchat acts as a virtual conference room that is always waiting for your meeting to continue where you left off. Image via CADchat.
With a simple graphic interface, CADchat acts as a virtual conference room that is always waiting for your meeting to continue where you left off. Image via CADchat.

Optimized collaboration and data integration

CADchat presents key features tailored to enhance collaboration within product development teams. Users can leverage immersive meetings, incorporating advanced tools like 3D avatars and precision cursors. The platform enables persistent design reviews, facilitating real-time or asynchronous collaboration for seamless communication and feedback exchange. 

Interactive feedback is streamlined, allowing users to pin comments directly onto designs and 3D models, ensuring clarity and continuity. Additionally, CADchat offers centralized project management, consolidating all project communications, documents, and data into a secure and easily accessible location. Security measures, including AES-256 encryption, SOC 2 compliance, and regular security assessments, safeguard sensitive data effectively.

CADchat diverges from traditional video conferencing tools in its ability to retain every interaction, thus transforming transient discussions into tangible progress. In contrast to standard work messaging applications, communication within CADchat seamlessly integrates with ongoing tasks, ensuring that discussions actively advance development without the need for disrupted app-switching. 

Additionally, CADchat’s centralized hub transcends mere storage, offering interactive collaboration opportunities on documents and designs. Essential design tools like Fusion and SOLIDWORKS get a boost with CADchat, says the company. It integrates them into a collaborative environment, enabling seamless creation and refinement of 3D models directly within the platform.

Boosting engineering productivity

Efficiency in collaboration is vital for maximizing productivity and fostering innovation by leveraging diverse perspectives and streamlining communication. It promotes transparency, accountability, and trust among team members, leading to stronger relationships and improved workflows. Keeping this in mind, Authentise recently introduced a series of new features to its Threads software, to improve collaboration and project management in engineering.

CEO Andre Wegner highlighted the importance of innovation amid supply chain disruptions, with these features addressing demands for streamlined workflows. Users can annotate 3D models directly within the platform and benefit from AI-generated suggestions for smoother project management. These improvements enable real-time discussions and automatic summaries, illustrated by a surgical robotics company’s rapid integration and significant return on investment.

Elsewhere, Dassault Systèmes launched SOLIDWORKS 2024, prioritizing collaboration and efficiency. It allows saving files in older formats and seamlessly integrates with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for cloud-based management. Additional design tools like the Collinear Dimension Command and improvements for handling large assemblies further improve the user experience across various design aspects, says the company.

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Featured image shows CADchat is the first app that enables real-time and stored conversation, mark-up, and viewing of 3D models, says the company. Image via CADchat.