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Boosting engineering efficiency with Authentise’s latest AI-powered Threads

After securing three new grants last month, Authentise has unveiled a series of new features for its Threads software, a collaborative tool designed to facilitate the sharing, discussion, and management of engineering projects.

After months of extensive collaboration with established Threads users like the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Boeing, these new upgrades have been developed. Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise, explained that the ongoing disruptions in supply chains and the imperative to innovate underscore the necessity for tools that expedite the transition from ideas to tangible parts. Through attentive listening to Authentise’s clientele, it has become apparent that facilitating 3D annotation, enhancing collaboration avenues, and enriching insights and tracking with AI can effectively address these demands.

Authentise Threads overview screen. Image via Authentise
Authentise Threads overview screen. Image via Authentise.

3D annotation and AI insights

New features offered by Authentise Threads improve collaboration and streamline processes for R&D and industrial engineering organizations. Users can now annotate 3D models directly within the platform, tying comments to broader project discussions effortlessly. Additionally, AI-generated suggestions help capture significant milestones discussed in conversations, facilitating smoother project management.

Collaboration is further improved as team members can engage in real-time discussions about 3D models, ensuring everyone’s perspective is visible and contributing to informed decision-making. Moreover, each Thread is automatically summarized using AI, making it easier for colleagues to grasp the context of conversations efficiently.

Authentise Threads’ value is immediately evident, demonstrated by a leading surgical robotics company’s R&D organization. Within just 30 minutes, the client seamlessly integrated the platform and began reaping benefits. In a fortnight, the company realized a 1.5x return on investment, digitizing all R&D decisions and significantly saving time and resources across their distributed team.

R&D and industrial engineering organizations seeking enhanced insight, focus, flexibility, and iteration are encouraged to explore Authentise Threads and request access, says the company. All features are available on Authentise’s secure cloud platforms, including FedRamp Moderate or ITAR, and can also be hosted privately for added security and control. Additionally, the Starter tier is now self-serve and available for free.

Software upgrades over the years

Adding new features to 3D printing software can greatly enhance its functionality and usability, providing users with more tools and capabilities to optimize their workflows. These updates can address evolving industry needs, improve efficiency, and provide a headstart for innovation. In recent years, many companies have added new features to their existing software to streamline the AM processes. For instance, engineering software developer nTop rolled out a significant update to its flagship product, nTop 4, targeting the complexities inherent in additive manufacturing. This latest iteration introduces novel functionalities such as Field Optimization, Implicit Interop, and nTop Automate, to enhance design flexibility, collaboration, scalability, and adoption. 

These new features aim to improve engineering workflows, promising expedited decision-making, enhanced part performance, and streamlined processes. Additionally, nTop is committed to facilitating adoption through tailored training programs and accessible learning resources like nTop Learn.

Back in 2021, Sinterit added new features to its Sinterit Studio software for Lisa and Lisa Pro SLS 3D printers. From slicing to monitoring, the software streamlines the printing process, offering both free and premium versions. Auto-nesting stands out by optimizing model placement, slashing prep time and material costs, says the company. Customizable parameters grant users greater printer control, especially valuable for universities and R&D projects. These improvements seek to elevate the SLS printing experience, underscoring Sinterit’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Featured image shows the Authentise Threads overview screen. Image via Authentise.