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The principle of a Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) in a nutshell is this: to empower people of the world through an ability to make things, almost any things. They were first set up by MIT Professor, Neil Gershenfeld in 2001 and [...]

There were a lot of exciting announcements at the TCT Show held at the end of September, and Filaments.directory were among those who had great news for us. The Belgium based company, who gathers FDM filaments and distributors on [...]

A week ago we looked at the beginnings of Endurance's 3D printed BB-8 SelfieBot. The company has continued with the project, adding upgrades! It now functions outdoors without batteries or connection to a power supply. How? Solar [...]

Once upon a time there lived one man in one galaxy.  In his childhood he saw Star Wars by George Lucas and fell in love with the movie. Since that time he had dreamt to create a robot like in the movie. But adult life worries swep [...]

Fab Labs. I write about them a lot. As an artist, I love the idea of communal spaces where artists, designers, engineers and whoever else wants to get together in a shared space and hash out ideas and projects together. I had neve [...]

At Drupa 2016, the Industry Standards and Technology Organization Printer Working Group will present a new standard for communicating 3D print jobs. Is the 3D printing industry getting its house in order and adopting standard prac [...]

A senior research scientist at Autodesk has called for open source hardware and better collaboration software in 3D printing. In a keynote speech at DigiFabCon, Andreas Bastian revealed his dream of an open future, where we can wo [...]

Open source software has had a lasting impact on the world and the likes of Wordpress, Linux, Firefox and Magento have become household names. Open Source Hardware hasn’t made such an impression on the public domain, but it’s out [...]

Peter Troxler is one of the contributors to a collaboration of writing on 3D printing collected in The Decentralized and Networked Future of Value Creation. The collection, edited by Jan-Peter Ferdinand, Ulrich Petschow and Sascha [...]

There are millions of people around the world who would love close up and personal access to the greatest moments in history. Alas, the world simply doesn’t work like that. If we could grant everybody access to ancient relics, tho [...]