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Peter Troxler is one of the contributors to a collaboration of writing on 3D printing collected in The Decentralized and Networked Future of Value Creation. The collection, edited by Jan-Peter Ferdinand, Ulrich Petschow and Sascha [...]

There are millions of people around the world who would love close up and personal access to the greatest moments in history. Alas, the world simply doesn’t work like that. If we could grant everybody access to ancient relics, tho [...]

Communitech's annual Tech Leadership Conference (TLC) which was held last Thursday, May 12th of 2016 at Bingemans in Kitchener, counted with more than 800 spectators and aims to answer the big questions that the unexpected challen [...]

Tiberius Brastaviceanu, the co-founder of open source hardware, has given his insight into the massive failure of MakerBot. He claims it was more than simply a failed company, it was a betrayal of the Open Source ethos and a clear [...]

We love a good hack here at 3DPrintingindustry.com, so today we’d like to salute the bright minds at Rice University that have created a budget laser sintering printer from a Chinese CO2 laser cutter. It costs less than $10,000 to [...]

  How much better would a website look with a legion of designers around the world giving their input? How perfect could a logo be if it had felt the gentle touch of 100 top class designers doing it for the pure passion? &nbs [...]

It’s been a little over a year since we last talked to Gina Häußge, the developer of the open-source 3D printing web interface OctoPrint, which allowed 3D printer users to remotely control and monitor their devices. With an open s [...]

Set on providing the maker community with accessible open source hardware projects, Wevolver has taken the DIY scene by storm with projects such as the 3D printed InMoov robot or their CNC-based motorcycle kit, the Tinker. Though [...]

If you consider yourself a Maker, and haven’t heard of open source hardware pioneers Wevolver yet, it’s probably time to get yourself acquainted! Wevolver serves as a platform for Makers to share their files and instructions for s [...]

If you’ve happened to play a video game on the PC anytime in the last ten years, there’s a pretty good chance that you were doing so on the massively popular Steam platform, created by Valve as a gaming library and community base. [...]