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New open-source Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 CNC kit for under £1,300: technical specifications and pricing

LDO Motors, a chinese electric motor manufacturer, has released a kit for the Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 open source CNC mill from Millennium Machines

Millennium Machines is an open-source community project which seeks to make desktop-sized subtractive manufacturing equipment accessible and affordable. 

The Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 is Millennium Machines’ flagship offering. This desktop CNC milling machine is designed for effective milling of aluminum parts in any work space. 

Based on the MiniMill from the open-source maker community OpenBuilds, the Milo v1.5 can be made using a range of easily sourceable and 3D printable components. Links to materials and parts, 3D printing files, tool library’s, and additional assembly instructions are available for free on the project’s GitHub page

The open-source milling machine has now been made even more accessible with the recent launch of LDO Motors’ Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 kit

Available through the firm’s network of global resellers, the kit includes most of the components needed to build the Milo V1.5. Users only need to source the 3D printed parts and a vice or other work-holding tools. The package can be pre-ordered for £1,249.99.  

Open-source CNC mill for under £1,300 

Although optimized for CNC milling of aluminum, the Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 is capable of cutting a range of softer materials such as composites, woods and plastics. 

The LDO kit contains most of the key components needed to build the Milo v1.5, meaning makers don’t need to undertake the lengthy process of sourcing components from different vendors. 

These components include machined aluminum XY and Z axis plates, Full Metal Jacket side plates, a tool length setter, a fixated fixture plate, and a 3 and 6 mm collet and starter end mill set. 

3D printing guidelines for the remaining parts are also provided, outlining the ideal 3D printing settings and parameters.   

Compact and able to fit into most workspaces, the Milo v1.5 offers an X, Y, Z working volume of 340 x 160 x 120 mm, with rapid milling speeds of 2000, 2000, 1000 mm/min. Maximum cutting speeds ( X, Y, Z) of 1000, 1000, 500 mm/min are also possible, with a cutting accuracy of 0.05 to 0.1 mm. 

The LDO Motors Milo v1.5 package is available now for pre-order from the company’s reseller partners in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK. LDO has stated that more resellers will be added soon. 

The Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 kit from LDO Motors. Image via LDO Motors.
The assembled Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 kit from LDO Motors. Image via LDO Motors.

Millennium Machines’ open-source ecosystem  

Millennium Machines’ project also includes a growing ecosystem of open-source accessories and add-ons, allowing users to customize their CNC workflow. For instance, an enclosure for the Milo v1.5 is available via the Millennium Machines project page.

Currently in the beta development stage, the Casa enclosure is designed to contain mess, reduce noise, and increase the safety of the CNC milling process. Featuring an accessible electronics bay and work area lighting, the enclosure design includes a range of 3D printable and sourceable components. 

The Millennium Machines open-source community has also developed Fixated, a range of fixturing projects and kits designed for use on the desktop-sized Milo v1.5 CNC mill. Additionally, Millennium Machines’s Long-John-Toolsetter, also in beta testing, is an affordable and simple tool setter for the Milo v1.5.     

The Millennium Machines Casa enclosure. Photo via Millennium Machines.
The Millennium Machines Casa enclosure. Photo via Millennium Machines.

Technical specifications 

The technical specifications of LDO Motors’ Millennium Machines Milo v1.5 kit can be viewed below.   

X, Y, Z working volume 340 x 160 x 120 mm
Rapid speed (X, Y, Z)2000, 2000, 1000 mm/min
Max cutting speed (X, Y, Z)1000, 1000, 500 mm/min
Accuracy 0.05-0.1 mm
Spindle power 1.5 kW
Spindle speed 10,000 – 24,000 rpm 
Spindle cooling Air cooled 
Tool type Er16 (1-9 mm diameter tooling)
Extra features include Machined aluminum XY and Z plates
Machines Full Metal Jacket side plates
Tool length setter 
Fixated fixture plate 
3 and 6 mm collet and starter end mill set 
Firmware FLY CDY V3RepRap Firmware 

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Featured image shows the assembled Millennium Mill Milo v1.5 kit from LDO Motors. Image via LDO Motors.

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