In the modern world, you may not be able to get outside and enjoy nature as often as you’d like, but, at the very least, you can bring a bit of nature inside by decorating your home and office with ecological artwork.  To help you escape the stagnant world of the mediocre indoors, artist, and author of The Book on 3D Printing, Isaac Budmen has developed a line of 3D printed, nature inspired objects to bring the great outdoors to you

Available exclusively for download at the French 3D printables marketplace, Cults, the Pine Cone collection is a collection of three designs that brings a dense woodland forest indoors.  The Desktop Conifer is based off of Budmen’s earliest studies on the geometric complexities of pine cones.  The artist has taken the “growth algorithms of nature’s amazing seed vehicles” and made them into simple, elegant, 3D printable canisters to carry the seeds of your ideas in the form of pens and pencils.

3D Printed Desktop Conifer Pen Holder

With Illusory Acorn, Budmen asks, “Instead of shrinking ourselves, what if we imagined a world where the leaves on the trees were the size of blankets and the acorns the size of our hearts?” Printable in two parts, this large acorn is “just big enough to squirrel away precious items.”

3D Printed Illusory Acorn Holder

Finally, Budmen has created the Sequoia Organizer.  Mimicking the cones of the Sequoia tree, the organizer can hold memos, notes, and letters for you keep on top of the important documents you use throughout your day.  Budmen describes his inspiration eloquently, “The titans of trees, the mighty Sequoia Redwoods dwarf all other living species on the planet making elder, oak and pine trees seem like infants next to their mighty branches. The precious pods of these giants, the ones that dutifully carry their seed forward in time, are also in a weight class of their own making the rest of the world’s pine cones of the seem like pebbles.”

3D Printed Sequoia Organizer

So, even if you work under fluorescent lighting and air conditioning, you can simulate a world of natural sunlight and fresh air by 3D printing the Pine Collection on your desktop 3D printer.