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This past weekend, the 3D printing maker community was alive with activity for Global 3D Printing Day. After taking to twitter, Youtube, and good old email 3DPI decided to round up some of the best projects we’ve seen for 3rd Dece [...]

I guess everyone is very familiar with the 3D pen by now. With a wide range of colors and plastic materials, a 3D pen could produce objects quite conveniently. It has already become a favorite among the makers and children. A few [...]

So we've already heard about an adult who 3D printed a hand for a young boy, but what about a young boy who printed a hand for an adult? Calramon, his brother and his father Carlos have been working hard on a wide range of project [...]

A fashion show in Beijing last month attracted great attention from 3D lovers. Why? Right, clothes worn by the models in the show could very well be the first 3D printed Cheongsams in the world. This show was held by Beijing Fashi [...]

Inhabitat is calling on all forward-thinking designers, architects and biotech enthusiasts to join their latest competition. Entrants are being asked to submit designs that contribute to a future where buildings and accommodations [...]

The scientist who helped developed nanotechnology for the next generation of flexible and wearable electronic devices is now bringing affordable 3D printed electronics to anyone with access to a basic 3D printer. 3D printed electr [...]

What were you doing at 17 besides slacking off and complaining about life? Well one 17-year-old has chosen a different route in his adolescence, deciding to use his angsty teenage years to build his very own SLS 3D printer! Johann [...]

After taking a short break last year, the purmundus challenge is back for 2016, calling all innovators, designers, students and engineers. Challenges from previous years asked participants to develop concepts and products such as  [...]

With the growing popularity of drone technology and drone racing among the general public, more and more novice users are looking to get involved in the exciting pastime. Unfortunately, most enthusiasts are at a disadvantage, faci [...]

There are truly no limits to the application of 3D printing in everyday life. Already proving to provide useful alternatives to common tasks, 3D printing technology is continually being used as an emerging way to turn even the mos [...]