MyMiniFactory Studios Designer Exclusive: Jeff Lagant

Meet Jeff Lagant, one of the MyMiniFactory Studios All Stars. We sat down with Jeff to ask him a few questions about his work and design process. (You can check out and download his awesome designs here) Jeff! Tell us how old you [...]

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The story behind the DOOM gun

MyMiniFactory is ready to go to war now it has printed a lifesize version of the legendary Big Fragging Gun from the DOOM series for the launch of the latest edition. The new game is out this month and it’s a back to basics reboot [...]

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HP Took Over The 3D Printing Industry, details tomorrow 9AM GMT+1

More information on the 20/05/2016 at 9AM GMT+1. [...]

3D scan your house with Thor3D new scanner!

Thor3D, the company behind the world’s first hand-held, wireless 3D scanner, announced a new 3D scanner dedicated to large objects.   Thor3D has updated its software and now the practical handheld scanner can be used to scan [...]

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Call for help, save my duck with your design!

  At 3D Printing Industry we always love hearing how the 3D printing technology can positively impact our lives, we have covered how 3D printed leg saved a duck, how creating a mobility cart for a Chihuahua with a birth defec [...]

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Weekly “designer” series: Meet Jurica Pranjic Star 3D designer

TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME We caught up with one of #MMFStudios talented designers - Jurica Pranjic  for an exclusive inside look into what inspires him to 3D design and 3D print. Check out his awesome work here: https://www.mymin [...]

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ReFabricator: Modelling for recycling and more

Researchers at the Keio University in Kanagawa, Japan, have come up with a novel mathematical model that can integrate everyday objects in to our 3D designs. Recycling lies at the program's core, but it also addresses other issues [...]

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DLabPrint expands RC airplanes for desktop 3D printing of iconic Messerschmitt Bf 109T

The Czech designer of radio-controlled model aircraft and founder of 3dLabPrint, Stepan Dokoupil, is a professional architect and 3D modeller of architectural masterpieces with over 15 years of experience. When he is not flying re [...]

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Nikoss’ Toys a new brand of digital toys!

Nikoss’ Toys is a brand of digital toys which will be downloadable and printable from all over the world. Nicolas Tokotuu, designer and creator of Nikoss Toys comes from a Pacific island called Wallis and Futuna. This small island [...]

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Nozzles That Last 67x Longer

Advancements in filament materials are rapidly moving the 3D printing industry forward, but only if we can keep up. More makers and companies are using high performance materials such as metallic, glass fiber, and carbon fiber fil [...]

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