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In what is perhaps the the most adorable development in the 3D printing world, some inspiring students, a few hardworking vets and a team of generous 3D printing experts all worked together to help out one small penguin. Yellow Pu [...]

From a small dream to an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign to your very own living room, Polish-Swedish 3D printing innovator Skriware is quickly making an inspiring leap from startup to industry leader. Understanding that [...]

Pokémon Go is finally being released across the globe, and the hype is real! Which team are you part of? Who did you pick as your starter Pokémon? For those who don't know what Pokémon Go is, its an app that't recently, allowing u [...]

When thinking of big tech industry headquarters, specifically ones specializing in 3D printing technology, one's mind usually leans toward the futuristic glass complexes in California's Silicon Valley. However, one 3D printing inn [...]

Yep. I mean it. I'm pretty sure at this very moment you've decided you want one too. 3DShook has 3D printed a 70cm tall, 6.5kg Spongebob Square-Pants, who made his debut at the VIVA Tech show in Paris last week. The model was made [...]

Barclays Eagle Labs has linked up with MyMiniFactory to take 3D printing to the masses with sponsored Fab Labs throughout the UK. Could this be the push that 3D printing needs to go mainstream? It could turn out to be a big deal f [...]

The world of 3D printing is definitely a fun one, full of endless creativity and innovation. In my opinion, some of the best things (for now) to ever come out of 3D printers are DIY drones. Nothing feels better than putting hours [...]

Multi touch tables with recognition software could become a permanent fixture in your local Starbucks, your break times might feel all the more sci-fi... Ideum has announced the unveiling of their Tangible Engine, which is a new s [...]

There is one major sticking point with using 3D printers for any form of mass manufacturing, especially in a smaller factory: you still need people to keep them going. Tend.ai has potentially solved the issue with collaborative ro [...]

The White House, in partnership with Printrbot, is getting in on the action during the National Week of Making this week and will take the chance to celebrate some of the country’s most prominent and passionate makers. Leading up [...]