High fashion meets 3D printing

Fashion designer Irina Tosheva has turned to the Zortrax M200 to create bespoke fashion accessories and ornaments that have taken her designs to a higher plane. At SS16, the fashion show in Kosovo that pays homage to the vibrant E [...]

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Airbus takes intriguing patent

Airbus has applied for a patent that could change the face of a vehicle design and could well have wider applications. In essence the aerospace company has found a way to create a shell-like structure that the 3D print is laid int [...]

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3D printed hand puts the ball back in play

Prosthetic limbs are designed to improve the patient’s quality of life but, even with the rapid advances in prosthetic technology, there are limits. Replacement arms and hands are generally built to be robust and stand the test of [...]

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True 3D infill has arrived

Type A Machines has announced a new method for producing true three-dimensional infill of a 3D part that should improve the overall strength and uniformity of almost every 3D structure that isn't a simple solid. Absolute Dimension [...]

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Win a bq LABS 3D Printer with BBC micro:bit and MyMiniFactory

What is Micro:Bit? Over the last few months the BBC micro:bit - a mini computer designed to teach youngsters how to code - has been delivered to over 800,000 school kids across the UK. Before the end of the year, this amazing devi [...]

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MyMiniFactory Studios Designer Exclusive: Jeff Lagant

Meet Jeff Lagant, one of the MyMiniFactory Studios All Stars. We sat down with Jeff to ask him a few questions about his work and design process. (You can check out and download his awesome designs here) Jeff! Tell us how old you [...]

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How technology is transforming fashion?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyRmyMVVYWc In this exclusive video, head curator Andrew Bolton talks about the dress that inspired the show (by Chanel Haute Couture); discloses one of his favorite pieces (it’s from the 1980s); an [...]

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Joe Doucet takes 3D printing to an Othr level of design

New York designer Joe Doucet has launched a brand of 3D printed homeware products at the NYCxDesign festival. He is the latest big name designer to throw his hat into the additive printing ring and will do it with an entirely new [...]

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Technology Meets Nature

Branch Technology have wowed Nashville this week with a beautifully designed 3D printed garden pavilion! The lines and curves make this a striking construction, and the mix of nature and technology in this space makes it a delight [...]

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Anvil promises to simplify 3D printing

A stylish new 3D printer promises to take the mystery out of 3D printing and bring it to the masses, if it raises the requisite funds on Kickstarter. The Anvil Printer Kickstarter launched today and the first 250 backers can get t [...]

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