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A fashion show in Beijing last month attracted great attention from 3D lovers. Why? Right, clothes worn by the models in the show could very well be the first 3D printed Cheongsams in the world. This show was held by Beijing Fashi [...]

As 3D printed products become more commonplace and mainstream, consumers will inevitably expect more from their products. Unfortunately, too many 3D printed items made from plastic-based filaments still fall victim to that grainy [...]

"Everyone, I Have A Very Dramatic Announcement. So Anyone With A Weak Heart Should Leave Now. Goodbye." - Professor Farnsworth Long-Time Futurama Fan and brains behind Chaos Core Tech, Garrett Kearney, has modelled and printed a m [...]

A pop-up shop, Katjes Magic Candy Factory, is being set up at The Custard Factory in Digbeth in Birmingham, England in celebration on Roald Dahl's 100th birthday, and its set to be a blast! The team at the Birmingham store, credi [...]

Since the the rise of the refugee crisis in Greece, it has left thousands of people displaced in a country they don't feel welcome in, with little to no way of interacting with the locals. People stranded in Greece have felt the b [...]

One massive step forward in development in the world of making, and a law sends the creative world back a step. You could argue that relying on expired patents and copyright to make money is more copy work than creative, but is th [...]

The 2016 Rio Olympics has proudly displayed its logo, but have you noticed anything different? It’s the first Olympic emblem to be produced in three dimensions. Inevitably 3D printing played a part, but the designers couldn’t simp [...]

If anyone's benefited from the world of domestic 3D printers, ingenious DIY tinkerers and problem solvers have definitely gotten a lot out of these making machines. One in particular delved into the world of storage and packaging [...]

Genevieve Schwartz is a featured designer on MyMiniFactory and the founder of Genevieve Black Jewellery. She has recently designed a collection for MyMiniFactory, which is based on geometrical shapes, as well as forms inspired by [...]

Have you ever wanted that oh-so-satisfying 'switch throwing' moment anytime you want at home? Well, thanks to the world of 3D printing, your dreams can now be a reality. Jeff Kerr, known as LoboCNC on Thingiverse, has come up with [...]