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Autodesk are giving away an Oculus Rift and other prizes for the winners of this competition. Photogrammetry is the process by which 3D models are created from stitching together individual photos. It is a technique often used to [...]

Fried eggs or gummy bears? Cherries or cola bottles? People’s favourite candies often divide opinion. You may never have thought about it, but these tasty little gummy sweets are actually designed that way. You also may never have [...]

Swedish born Dr. Eva Håkansson is the “fastest woman on earth”, thanks to 3D printing. Using her custom built electric powered super-bike affectionately called KillaJoule, Håkansson is proving many things by achieving top speeds o [...]

SHoP Architects, a New York based architecture practice, will celebrate winning The Panerai Design Miami/ Visionary Award with a 3D printed pavilion on display at the city’s Jungle Plaza. SHoP Architects' pavilion: Flotsam Jetsam [...]

Phase 2 of NASA's $1.1 million Centennial Competition is now open for applications from individuals, universities, and corporate teams based in the US. The challenge, should you choose to accept it is: “to develop the fundamental [...]

It's that time of year again! For the 13th year running, the annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge started by Stratasys will run until March 9, 2017. Stratasys have announced a formal call for entries from students worldwi [...]

3D lovers, here is our art story time again. The other day we reported the exquisive art table made with 3D printing technology. Stelios Mousarris impressed us with the unique style of his “Wave City Dining Table” series. Hewn Poc [...]

We've seen many 3D printed clothes before. Whether it is the 3D printed Chinese traditional cheongsam or the water-themed fashion dress, they all amazed us with their unique charm. Today we are going to introduce a piece of clothe [...]

Our team reported about a series of amazingly 3D printed “stalaclights” before. Stalaclights are beautiful 3D printed light fittings that look like hanging buildings.  Art creation never ends, just like technology never ceases to [...]

Wacom, the Japan based company, has been dedicated to their vision of a more creative world for decades. Their smart digital pens and tablets, as well as their graphic input technology has attracted talented artists from various i [...]