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Rapid Prototyping Games & Toys Rapid prototyping is changing the way children use and interact with toys. Throughout time, toys have been an excellent way for children to use their creativity and imagination. Today, toys offer [...]

There is something special about buying a new mechanical watch and no matter what time it is in your life; we are sure at one point you have gained an emotional attachment to a special piece of wrist wear. For years’ wrist watches [...]

3D Printing could even be making itself known in a bookstore near you, but don't worry, you'll still be able to enjoy that new book smell. Those paper pages won't be going anywhere. Anthony Phills, an award-winning designer, has d [...]

A new Dutch 3D design company might just have found a way to save you money. It's a simple LED energy saving light fitting that plugs straight into a standard 220v fixture and it can turn your house into an energy saver right now. [...]

Pokémon Go is finally being released across the globe, and the hype is real! Which team are you part of? Who did you pick as your starter Pokémon? For those who don't know what Pokémon Go is, its an app that't recently, allowing u [...]

The International Lighting Fair will be grandly held at the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhongshan, China. From now to October 20, 2016, visitors can visit the official website of the fair (http://www.gzlightingfair. [...]

Fractal Heatsink Technologies LLC, an R&D company focusing on developing innovative fractal heatsink technologies, was recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,228,785 - Fractal Heat Transfer Device (the “’785 Patent”). The ’785 Pat [...]

Want a beautiful pen made from aeronautical grade titanium? Your luxury dreams have become a reality. Pagnotta Design has started a crowdfunding  campaign to promote and sell their unique writing instrument, which they claim is th [...]

Smaller and self-sufficient, that's how houses of the future are currently being described in the wake of the predictions of futurists. 3D printing is also set to be behind 3D printed slot-together properties, so trusty bricks and [...]

This summer, MatterHackers and Enablingthefuture.org will launch a worldwide 3D printing design challenge called Within Reach. The challenge is to create new assistive tools for those with limited use of their hands, and can be ac [...]