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In China, the Dongzhi festival celebrates the return of longer daylight through families and friends gathering to make and eat traditional tangyuan rice dumplings. Meanwhile, around the same time of year, the Western world is of c [...]

Australian fashion brand Alquema can thank 3D printing and modelling for creating an 'impossible' steel clothing rack. When commissioned to design the interior of the new store in Sydney, Rod Faucheux, director of interior design [...]

At Formnext this year, FirStep was announced as the winner of the Purmundus Challenge. There were five total winners of the gold trophies presented at the fourth annual challenge in Frankfurt on 17th November. The aim of the compe [...]

Swiss researchers working at the "Swiss MIT" have created a new technique for concrete construction using robotics and metal mesh. Using a robot arm to mold metal into a grid like mesh the Swiss team hope to provide a successful a [...]

Serial-entrepreneur Chris Kelsey and his business partner Fernando De Los Rios have founded a new company aiming to use 3D printing in construction. The announcement from Cazza Construction Technologies come just one month after t [...]

Bre Pettis, one of the co-founders of MakerBot, is returning to 3D printing through new ‘heirloom quality gifts’ company Bre & Co. The inspiration for this latest project, cited by Pettis, was initially to make a few special w [...]

Since the early days of 3D printing, marks have been set for the architectural industry to implement additive manufacturing technology into the construction of full-scale buildings. Research into Contour Crafting was conducted as [...]

Autodesk are giving away an Oculus Rift and other prizes for the winners of this competition. Photogrammetry is the process by which 3D models are created from stitching together individual photos. It is a technique often used to [...]

Fried eggs or gummy bears? Cherries or cola bottles? People’s favourite candies often divide opinion. You may never have thought about it, but these tasty little gummy sweets are actually designed that way. You also may never have [...]

Swedish born Dr. Eva Håkansson is the “fastest woman on earth”, thanks to 3D printing. Using her custom built electric powered super-bike affectionately called KillaJoule, Håkansson is proving many things by achieving top speeds o [...]