Kodak announces Design to Print Service for Portrait 3D printer at RAPID+TCT

The 3D printing arm of Kodak, the New York-based imaging technology company, will be announcing its new ‘Design to Print Service’ at Rapid + TCT tomorrow, which aims to assist its users in transforming their ideas into a 3D printed product. As part of the service, experts from the Kodak 3D Printing team will be on-hand to help troubleshoot time-consuming or difficult tasks for its customers that are using its 3D printing technologies.

Angle view KODAK Portrait 3D Printer. Photo via Kodak.
The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer. Photo via Kodak.

The Kodak 3D printing ecosystem

Kodak 3D Printing is an ‘ecosystem of solutions for professional 3D printing’ created by Smart International, the global brand licensee for Kodak 3D Printing products and services. With the launch of the new Design to Print Service, Kodak 3D Printing is expanding its ecosystem, which contains the Kodak Portrait, an FDM 3D printer launched in 2017.

Demian Gawianski, CEO of Kodak 3D Printing and Smart International, explains the Kodak 3D Printing ecosystem as “an integral solution for the 3D printing professional”, consisting of the Portrait 3D printer, Kodak filament and specially developed software, each designed to “facilitate and enhance the whole 3D printing experience.”

The company will continue to expand its ecosystem with a range of further services and products to be announced over the next year, with the aim of providing a “full 360 3D printing solution” for its customers. Gawianski comments: “We are extremely pleased to be expanding our services and products within the 3D printing sphere.”

“We have a robust strategy to target the needs in the marketplace, and our Kodak Design to Print service, is the first of our new offerings, with more to be unveiled later this year.’’

Kodak's low moisture absorbent filament. Photo via Kodak.
Kodak’s low moisture, vacuum packed and absorbent filament. Photo via Kodak.

Helping clients optimize their 3D prints

The Design to Print Service by Kodak 3D Printing consists of a team of design experts who will help to optimize a client’s model in order to guarantee a successful print using the Kodak Portrait 3D printer. The entire process comprises of two smaller services: a 3D Designer Service and Print Profile Customization. Using the 3D Designer Service, customers will gain access to an optimized STL print file from non-3D printable model, which could include a modification of the original CAD or STL file.

With the Print Profile Customization service, Kodak 3D Printing will optimize the print setting of a 3D model featuring any complex geometry, in order to make sure its clients receive a positive print result on their Kodak Portrait 3D printer.  The optimization process may include repairing, simplifying, segmenting or re-orientating the STL file where it is needed, as well as adding manual supports.

Ultimately, Kodak 3D Printing hopes to reduce print time, maximize print quality, adjust print tolerances, and set the Gcode parameters for its customers with the Design to Print Service. Client’s projects will be managed directly through the Kodak 3D Cloud, where designers will be on-hand for support and testing of the final part. More information about the Design to Print Service can be found at the Rapid + TCT trade show this week, with the Kodak 3D printing expert team available at the Kodak Booth #107.

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Featured image shows the KODAK Portrait 3D Printer. Photo via Kodak.