Purmundus Challenge 2020 will see 35 finalists go head-to-head at Formnext Connect

The finalists for the 2020 3D printing purmundus challenge have been revealed.

Trademarked under rapid prototyping company Cirp GmbH, the eighth iteration of the annual design competition, of which 3D Printing Industry returns as a proud supporter, will feature a total of 35 finalists from 13 countries and 5 continents. Each of the designs showcases a “harmony between geometry and materials”, with concepts centered around medicine, 4D printing, robotics, kinematics, aerospace, sporting goods, and even food.

The purmundus challenge 2020 trophy. Photo via purmundus challenge.
The purmundus challenge 2020 trophy. Photo via purmundus challenge.

Geometry and materials in harmony

This year’s finalists deliver a wide variety of 3D printing ideas wrapped up in abstract product design packages. Some notable submissions include the 3D printed Jellyfish Barstool developed by design firm VIADESCON. The seat has a wide base seamlessly connected to an upper structure with one-piece struts. Focusing on sustainability, the filament used to fabricate the structure is a recycled ocean polymer – HDPE.

The Jellyfish Barstool. Photo via Viadescon.

Medical device manufacturer HKK Bionics will also be present with its ‘exomotion hand one’, a bionic orthosis for paralyzed hands. The device is described as a motorized glove, allowing its users to perform everyday gripping actions. The whole thing operates on a software algorithm and a sensitive sensor integrated into the PA12 3D printed splint. The sensor is able to recognize the user’s intentions based on the muscle movements further up the arm, thus controlling the microdrives present in each of the fingers.

The exomotion hand one. Photo via HKK Bionics.

Acoustics specialist Node Audio Research will also be among the finalists with its novel speaker, featuring an SLS 3D printed cabinet. Dubbed the HYLIXA, the speaker features an entirely unified, single-part interior cabinet geometry, complete with a patented helical pathway and a rear woofer. The rotational pressure of the helix is designed to increase its effective line length, enhancing the speaker’s bass capabilities.

The HYLIXA speaker. Photo via Node Audio.

Next up, we have the Legendary Salmon, a 3D printed plant-based sushi developed by Legendary Vish. Designed to emulate the look and feel of the real thing, the dual-extruded fillet can be produced with a 95% reduction in greenhouse gases and up to 90% less energy consumption.

The Legendary Salmon. Photo via Legendary Vish.

Metal 3D printing firm MX3D will also be presenting its topologically optimized robotic arm, which was designed by simulation-driven design company Altair. Produced in stainless steel using MX3D’s WAAM 3D printing process, the arm features weight savings of over 50% and can be completed in only 3 days. The company intends to use the arm on a production robot manufactured by ABB, which specializes in industrial automated robotics systems.

The WAAM robotic arm. Photo via MX3D.

The winners of the 2019 purmundus challenge

Last year’s challenge saw 38 finalists head to the Formnext trade show in Frankfurt to compete. First place was taken by the 3D printed Stealth Key from Urban Alps, followed by the 4D printed ‘Hydrophytes’ developed by Nicole Hone of the Victoria University of Wellington. Third place was taken by the monolithic rocket engine combustion chamber created by Dr. Paul Schüler and Andreas Krüger of CellCore.

The winners of the 2020 purmundus challenge will be presented with their awards on 11 November at the virtual Formnext Connect event, complete with a live digital awards ceremony. The panel will make their selections based on economy, use, aesthetics, and of course the innovation of the design itself. In addition to the general top three places, there will also be an award for a ‘Special Mention’, ‘Simulation-Driven Design’, an ‘Innovation Prize’, a ‘Newcomer Prize’, and even a poll-determined ‘People’s Choice’ award.

As well as a share of 30,000 Euros, the winners will also be presented with the prestigious purmundus challenge trophy.

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Featured image shows the purmundus challenge 2020 trophy. Photo via purmundus challenge.