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UrbanAlps begins shipping of metal 3D printed Stealth Key

UrbanAlps, a Swiss high-security company, has started shipping its metal 3D printed security key called the Stealth Key.

Founded in 2014, by Felix Reinert and Alejandro Ojeda, a mechanical engineer, UrbanAlps specializes in 3D printed high-security metal keys and locks. Last year, the security company won over $2 million in funding which allowed it to go into production.

Dr. Ojeda, said “There is much more than meets the eye than a mechanical key. We are very happy that well known industrialists share and support our vision. To take a centuries old industry of drilling holes in sheets of metal to 3D metal printing, with all its implications.”

The high-security 3D printed Stealth Key by UrbanAlps. Image via UrbanAlps.
The high-security 3D printed Stealth Key by UrbanAlps. Image via UrbanAlps.

The new industry standard in security?

Two years ago, in an interview, Dr. Ojeda admitted that the industry was not as receptive to the idea of 3D printed mechanical security solutions as he had initially thought.

He explained, “… up to now, they were not as enthusiastic as we suspected. Our goal is to convince the industry to rethink their ways and to demonstrate the potential of 3D printing to them.”

“We firmly believe that the future of high-security keys lies in additive manufacturing: it only has advantages.”

In 2018, UrbanAlps secured funding from seven industrialists from Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Norway, and Stephan Lichtsteiner, a Swiss football player, currently signed by Arsenal F.C. The same year UrbanAlps won the Messe Essen Security Innovation Award.

Now a year later, the security company is shipping to customers to four continents and almost a hundred customers.

3D printing your security

The Stealth Key is fully customized mechanical key which has a cylindrical covering hiding the unlock code. This means that the bittings (the part the engages the unlocking mechanism) of the key cannot be photographed or scanned. The Stealth Keys are available in short and long size, they can be engraved or affixed with color coded key caps for identity purposes.

In addition to the Stealth Key, UrbanAlps also manufactures locks of various types. These include, half cylinder, double cylinder, double cylinder thumbturn, and camlock cylinder and stealth padlock. The padlock is made with the same superalloys which are used in SpaceX rocket engines. Furthermore, it is resistant against cutting, sawing, and high temperature torches.

The Stealth Key and other products can be purchased by filing in the order form. On request the order can be delivered in a military-grade case.

The 3D printed padlock, cylinder and keys. Image via UrbanAlps.
The 3D printed padlock, cylinder and keys. Image via UrbanAlps.

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