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Software streamlines vehicle development and cost control

French company Dassault Systemes has developed a 3D digital mock up and product lifecycle management software package to slash the development time of new vehicles and closely monitor costs and problems during the vehicle’s whole [...]

MakePrintable starts Another Partnership

MakePrintable is a program which fixes 3D printing files, making the transition from 3D file to 3D print much faster and successful. In order to get more broken files to fix and make 3D printing easier for the community MakePrinta [...]

nTopology updates Element

Last week, the company released their first big updates to nTopology Element Free. In addition to improving their windowing system and splitting the lattice generation process up into smaller, less resource intensive steps, they a [...]

3DPrinterOS Moves to Microsoft Azure

3DPrinterOS has announced its move to Microsoft Azure to globally expand their cloud operating platform for easily managing thousands of networked 3D printers, users, and designs. The aim is to revolutionize the fragmented world o [...]

Obama celebrates National Week of Making

The White House, in partnership with Printrbot, is getting in on the action during the National Week of Making this week and will take the chance to celebrate some of the country’s most prominent and passionate makers. Leading up [...]

GrabCAD Print – Private Beta is now public

Want to maximise the potential of your 3D printer whilst minimising the faff? Then this is the program for you! GrabCAD Print is a piece of software that has been developed with the aim of streamlining your 3D printing workflow, b [...]

Ilios upgrades firmware for Beam

Ilios has updated the HD Kit for Research firmware to increase the print speed and the accuracy, which could make the Folding Ilios Beam a serious contender if you’re looking for an SLA 3D printer and you don’t want to spend the E [...]

Kitware Brings Ray Tracing to the Visualization Toolkit

CLIFTON PARK, NY, JUNE 16, 2016 Kitware introduced a new capability to the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) to offer scalable, high-fidelity rendering functionality to next-generation high-performance computing platforms. The capabilit [...]

Scope For Design offers collaboration for the industry

3D printing on an enterprise level could be about to get a lot simpler thanks to Scope For Design, a platform that aims to make designing, producing and marketing 3D printed products much simpler and more accessible. The platform [...]

Simplify3D Launches Version 3.1 and Printer Compatibility Tool

June 06, 2016 -- Continuing towards the goal of a universal software platform for 3D printing, Simplify3D has released version 3.1 of its popular 3D printing software. Version 3.1 expands upon the industry-leading printer compatib [...]