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Endeavor 3D integrates CO-AM software in its powerful HP printer fleet

Additive contract manufacturer Endeavor 3D has partnered with HP and Materialise to leverage the Materialise CO-AM software platform for improving its HP 3D printer production capacity.

By adopting this approach, Endeavor 3D anticipates maximizing its production output and AM capacity to meet the rising demand for industrial 3D printed applications. Traditionally, many manufacturers rely on manual methods like emails, spreadsheets, and whiteboards to manage 3D printing workflows. Endeavor 3D acknowledges the limitations of these approaches for scaling up production. To address the growing demand for 3D printed parts and ensure future-proof operations, the company is implementing a digital transformation strategy.

“Endeavor 3D has a strong collaboration with HP, and integrating Materialise CO-AM enables us to offer a better experience for our customers,” said Janet Dickinson, Chief Operating Officer at Endeavor. “CO-AM software is the right tool for us to scale our business and achieve our efficiency initiatives in 2024, which includes a 20% increase in labor productivity and a 30% yield improvement.”

Endeavor 3D, Materialise,  and HP team. Photo via Materialise.
Endeavor 3D, Materialise, and the HP team. Photo via Materialise.

Streamlined workflows and increased output

Materialise CO-AM software platform will be seamlessly integrated with Endeavor 3D’s existing fleet of HP Multi-Jet Fusion and Metal Jet 3D printers. The integration promises a multitude of benefits designed to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance quality control.

According to the company, one of the key benefits of this approach is a streamlined workflow. The CO-AM software boasts an Order Management System that will efficiently store incoming requests. This ensures organized data storage and eliminates the potential for lost or misplaced information. Additionally, automatic notifications will keep team members informed about order status changes. This not only improves internal communication but also facilitates faster and more responsive customer service.

Efficiency is another area where Endeavor 3D expects to see significant improvement. When jobs are ready for production, files can be seamlessly transferred to Materialise Magics software. This software streamlines data preparation and build setup, ensuring a smooth transition from order to production. Moreover, the Magics Nester module allows for efficient batching of orders on build trays. This optimization significantly increases overall production output, enabling Endeavor 3D to meet the growing demand for 3D printed parts.

Finally, the CO-AM software offers enhanced quality control features. The system acts as a Manufacturing Execution System, managing all HP 3D printers on the shop floor. It provides real-time sensor data for remote monitoring, allowing for proactive identification and resolution of potential issues. Additionally, the system oversees critical post-processing steps such as finishing and quality checks. This ensures a seamless workflow from production to final delivery, guaranteeing consistent quality for Endeavor 3D’s customers.

Endeavor 3D's HP printer fleet. Photo via Materialise.
Endeavor 3D’s HP printer fleet. Photo via Materialise.

Leveraging the Materialise CO-AM software platform

As per Udo Eberlein, VP of Software at Materialise, the flexible nature of the CO-AM Software Platform facilitates seamless integration with HP technology. This integration empowers Endeavor 3D to fine-tune its production processes, laying a robust groundwork for scalability as the company grows its customer base and expands its operations.

Recognizing this potential, many companies have leveraged Materialise’s CO-AM platform in their workflows. For instance, Nikon SLM Solutions and Materialise collaborated to advance Materialise Build Processors (BPs) for Nikon SLM Solutions 3D printers. With a focus on metal AM for end-use components, this alliance is aimed at integrating NXG printers seamlessly into the Materialise CO-AM platform

This integration promises improved capabilities and streamlined data preparation, offering users personalized process parameters through the Materialise BP SDK. The partnership also enables direct machine connectivity via SLM.Link to Materialise CO-AM, simplifying workflows and offering diverse solutions for optimization.

Months before this, Quickparts adopted Materialise’s CO-AM platform to oversee distributed manufacturing flows, integrating it with Quickparts’ production systems, and enhancing both conventional and additive manufacturing capabilities. Quickparts implemented CO-AM across its global centers, starting with US sites in 2022 and expanding to additional locations in 2023. Integration promised faster order processing, improved cost structure, and enhanced quality standards, benefiting industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical.

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Featured image shows Endeavor 3D, Materialise, and the HP team. Photo via Materialise.

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