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On July 27-28, the 2016 SHINING 3D Global Partner Summit will be open at SHINING 3D New Headquarters in Hangzhou, China. 77 Industry experts from 46 companies of different fields and 23 countries will attend this grand festival. T [...]

Recently having been acquired by HP, DAVID has just announced the released of its latest DAVID5 software!  With this new software, users can upgrade their SLS-2 and SLS-3 into a stereo camera system. DAVID5 also enables you to sca [...]

XYZprinting, is said to be a world leader in desktop 3D printers, is entering the 3D pen market by introducing the versatile XYZprinting da Vinci 3D Pen. There are already a fair few 3D pens out there, but it is hoped this particu [...]

Thor 3D has recently come to the aid of Triton LLC. Sounds like an epic story of two gods, doesn't it? The God of Thunder who came to rescue the Messenger of the Sea. Thankfully, the real story is also pretty groundbreaking, as th [...]

HP is looking to 3D printing in a big way and has bought the 3D assets of David Vision Systems GmbH. HP recently launched the potentially game changing Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer that could actually turn the manufacturing dream b [...]

The Freiburg ‘Maulaufreisser’ (mouth gaping gargoyle) and his 3D twins The figure of speech, "carved in stone" implies eternal and indestructible, sadly, this doesn't apply to the unique architectural decoration features of the Fr [...]

Matter and Form, a company from Toronto, Canada, has been awarded over $850,000 to develop 3D scanning technology. Davenport MP Julie Dzerowicz announced this on behalf of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Developme [...]

The White House, in partnership with Printrbot, is getting in on the action during the National Week of Making this week and will take the chance to celebrate some of the country’s most prominent and passionate makers. Leading up [...]

Made in Space has produced its first tool in space. It’s a simple wrench that could have been made for almost nothing back home. But it’s a big deal for the aerospace industry. This seemingly inconsequential wrench has been years [...]

German company RepRap’s X150 3D Printer been awarded the BEST OF Industry Prize for 2016. A number of companies submitted their entries for the award for high-tech industrial products.  The X150 was deemed to be the best entry and [...]