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XYZprinting, one of the world’s biggest 3D printer suppliers, has adopted Memjet’s patented printhead technology for its consumer range. Memjet’s Waterfall Printhead technology is designed to increase the speed and affordability o [...]

Communitech's annual Tech Leadership Conference (TLC) which was held last Thursday, May 12th of 2016 at Bingemans in Kitchener, counted with more than 800 spectators and aims to answer the big questions that the unexpected challen [...]

Sculpteo is a Paris based company that offers a fast 3D printing service which is open to everyone. Their website offers many things, including tutorials, material descriptions and a 3D printing affiliate program. What's that, you [...]

Though 3D printing is a rapidly changing industry and area of technology, it is by no means new. Coming to market around the 80’s and within the last 10 years becoming more accessible to the commercial market, 3D printing still ha [...]

E3D has incurred the wrath of the Reddit community by posting a competition asking designers to create a mascot for its BigBox printer.   The company has offered one of its 3D printers as a prize and it isn’t the first to tak [...]

PLA with 10% Hemp Fibers (from the bark of the cannabis plant) Old meets new; The Hemp fiber is one of the oldest and strongest natural fiber. PLA is a recently developed biodegradable plastic derived from renewable organic resour [...]

In the mid-70s, with computers getting smaller, cheaper, easier to use and more powerful, some pioneers were opening retail stores to make them available to a growing population of early adopters. We invite you now for an Around t [...]

As I was strutting from expo booth to expo booth at this year’s Inside 3D Printing New York, one particular booth had quite the particular crowd around it. I was curious about what kind of 3D printing miracle could be happening ov [...]

Shapeways has been working to connect shoppers and 3D designers together since it was started by long-time technology enthusiast Pete Weijmarshausen in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2007. Since their founding, Shapeways has become a l [...]

The Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer ZMorph has literally been bridging people together with a number of digital fabrication technologies, particularly with 3D printing. Known for their uniquely styled hybrid 3D printers, whic [...]