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When it comes to having a large print volume at an affordable price, not many do it much better than the Brooklyn-based 3D printer company gCreate. Started by Gordon LaPlante and Anna Lee, their gMax printer series has been a cont [...]

Starting off as a few fresh-out-of-college software innovators who were acquired by MakerBot just a couple of years ago, Voodoo Manufacturing is now an exciting up-and-coming 3D printing service provider in the United States. Base [...]

As the leading analyst in the 3D printing industry, Terry Wohlers and his consulting firm, Wohlers Associates, Inc., have been tracking the growth of additive manufacturing since its inception. Their expertise is showcased in the [...]

Set on providing the maker community with accessible open source hardware projects, Wevolver has taken the DIY scene by storm with projects such as the 3D printed InMoov robot or their CNC-based motorcycle kit, the Tinker. Though [...]

As an avid bicycle rider myself, my mind often starts pedaling away at the thought of owning a 3D printed bike. There have been numerous, but generally pricey, bicycles that 3D printing companies have brought to life. But one 3D p [...]

Whether you’re creating on just one 3D printer or monitoring an entire room full of them, it’s nearly impossible to have your eyes glued to the print bed for the entire printing process. Although, as a whole, 3D printers are conti [...]

Last year, around the time when I was just getting started with 3D Printing Industry, I was also helping out with some copywriting for 3Dprintmaterials.guru, a recently developed community for the purchasing, testing, and reviewin [...]

Earlier this month, we covered what seemed to be ominous message from the Solidoodle, the Brooklyn-based 3D printer company started by former MakerBot COO Sam Cervantes, which claimed on their website, “Attention Customers: Orderi [...]

We’ve all heard of Amazon Prime Air, the drone delivery system concept by Amazon that broke headlines a couple of years ago. But the e-commerce powerhouse isn’t the only one flirting with the idea of using drones to deliver packag [...]

If you’ve happened to play a video game on the PC anytime in the last ten years, there’s a pretty good chance that you were doing so on the massively popular Steam platform, created by Valve as a gaming library and community base. [...]