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3D Printlife has partnered with Fab Lab Hub to help fund nonprofits through discounted distribution of its eco-friendly filaments to the Fab Lab network. Fab Lab Hub has secured special discounts on 3D Printlife’s innovative new e [...]

3D Printlife is bringing the 3D printed apartment (and delightfully symmetrical features) of their spokesman, Joel Rush, to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sprucing it up with their 3D printed products, the 3D [...]

Take an (almost) empty apartment, a cute guy, a cuter dog and a 3D printer and what do you get? Well, according to the peeps behind California based 3D printing company, 3D Printlife, it’s a perfect marketing opportunity. They say [...]

When considering a viable 3D printing related business, consensus is that “consumable” will be a key focus of a successful venture. That probably comes from looking at the 2D printing current business model, based on low cost prin [...]

After meeting Joel Rush and Jeff Stevens from 3D Printlife in person, there was one thing that I picked up on immediately: these are really personable guys.  And that’s what makes them perfect for introducing the uninitiated to 3D [...]

Throughout universities across the world, students are dedicating their lives to studying for careers in industries such as engineering, medical, and architecture, all of which are starting to rely heavily on 3D printing technolog [...]

3DLifePrints, a Kenya-based enterprise that specializes in delivering low-cost 3D printed prosthetics to amputees in developing and emerging nations, has just published a video of the first fully flexible prosthetic arm, 3D printe [...]

Joel from 3D Printlife has been busy transforming his ordinary apartment life into extraordinary 3D Printed life. In episode 4 Joel lost his keys again, so let's check out what kind of a 3D Printed solution he comes up with! Episo [...]

Back on August we wrote about 3D Print Life's Joel and the video showcasing his ABS, I mean the basics of ABS and PLA filament. Well, now Joel is getting excited again, this time about his balls! His 3D printed golf balls! So chec [...]

As a reminder, the only other expo I’ve been to was a videogame conference that took place in Chicago when I was nine years old, about twenty years ago.  So going into the Inside 3D Printing event in San Jose by Mediabistro, I was [...]

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