Sandvik plan to acquire software firms

Metal cutting experts Sandvik are looking to continue their 3D printing journey among uncertainty regarding the future of the tooling market. A growing market for electric cars is [...]

Seaweed is the secret ingredient in University of Bristol 3D printing bioink

One challenge facing the wider use of 3D bioprinting, is the range of inks available for 3D printing structures. Alginates, extracted from types of brown seaweed or algae, make up [...]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest from 3DPI 28th Nov. 2016

Only 4 days since our last edition of Sliced, but the 3D printing stories have already begun to build up this week. Read on for 3DPI's story slices from over the weekend, including [...]

1000mph Bloodhound SSC all set to break record in 2017 with help from 3D printing

The British engineered Bloodhound car is set to break the land speed record next year in 2017 and following the conclusion of the F1 season at the weekend, we thought we would take [...]

3D printing secret to success in Formula 1?

Following yesterdays dramatic conclusion of the 2016 Formula 1 season in Abu Dhabi, 3DPI look ahead to the 2017 season and the imminent car changes. It is widely known that F1 team [...]

A hands-on approach to chemistry with 3D printed molecules

Dr. Anthony Williams of the National Center of Computational Toxicology and the Environmental Protection Agency in the US, has developed a JMol searchable database of over 30,000 3 [...]

Tangible Solutions expanding with new Concept Laser machines

Ohio-based 3D printing company Tangible Solutions have announced plans to incorporate 3D metal printing to their services. The addition of five Mlab cusing machines and one M2 cusi [...]

Builder 3D are back with the perfect fit Extreme 1500

The 3D printing team behind the Empire State extreme build are back with a new, more streamlined, and portable, 3D printer. The Extreme 1500 FFF. When 3DPI looked at the Builder Ex [...]

Australia plan to shape the future of 3D printing with CSIRO roadmap

3D printing will be at the core of government strategy for the next 20 years according to a new plan. In the first of five publications Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Indu [...]

Robotic construction project wins innovation prize for 3D printing building

Swiss researchers working at the "Swiss MIT" have created a new technique for concrete construction using robotics and metal mesh. Using a robot arm to mold metal into a grid like [...]