Decorative wall pockets made with 3D printing

3D lovers, here is our art story time again. The other day we reported the exquisive art table made with 3D printing technology. Stelios Mousarris impressed us with the unique styl [...]

Researchers use 3D models to define the habitat of Psittacosaurus

3D scanning, modelling and printing has long been a great helper in archaeology. We're reported how it is used to determine the death of Lucy, an ancient human fossil specimen foun [...]

Kickstarter raised over $60K since I started writing this article

When I began writing this piece, Robo3D's Kickstarter hadn't even launched yet. And now it has already reached over half its funding goal. But funding was never the end game for th [...]

3Dp Startup Dagoma raises €3M for int’l expansion

French 3D printing startup Dagoma have received €3 million from investors with a goal of international expansion in mind. The company, who celebrated success with the Discovery200, [...]

Linde launches ADDvance™ O2 precision

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, announced on September 20 the launch of ADDvance™ O2 precision. Claimed to be the first-of-its-kind measuring and analysis unit, ADDvanc [...]

MakerBot promises improved performance with new products

Brooklyn based MakerBot announced new 3D printing solutions yesterday (September 20), which promise to address the wider needs of professionals and educators. Coming shortly after [...]

Acquire Nascent: Facebook in the hardware game

Facebook has acquired Nascent Objects, the hardware development firm that aimed to streamline the manufacturing process for gadgets, including 3D-printed hardware. The news was con [...]

Art & technology collide: Scan the World at the V&A

This weekend, the V&A will be alive with interactive digital activities as part of the London Design Festival. The programme of over 30 events, includes two standout activities [...]

Volksbank trains employees with NCR Innovation Experience Room

It is not new that educators use 3D printing to raise tech awareness among students. We've also reported the retail bookseller Barnes & Noble's active participation in Maker Mo [...]

Hear the heartbeats of 3D printing at long last

Though it may not look like much from the grainy screenshot below, Celprogen's announcement today marks a milestone in making what has been dubbed as the 'Holy Grail ' of 3D printi [...]