The Purmundus Challenge invites you to design the future

After taking a short break last year, the purmundus challenge is back for 2016, calling all innovators, designers, students and engineers. Challenges from previous years asked part [...]

3D printing set to grow 25% every year

The 3D printing market will continue its stratospheric rise and the market will expand by 25% each and every year until 2020, according to EY’s Global 3D Printing Report 2016. To c [...]

Interactive platforms will drive collaboration in 3D printing

A new study has shown how online 3D printing platforms have fostered a new culture of collaboration that can turn almost anybody in the world into a serious innovator, but there’s [...]

3D printed turbines set to get smart

More efficient ‘smart wind turbines’ with aeroplane-inspired ailerons could be on the way thanks to the combined efforts of the University of Delft in Holland and SCHIVO 3D in Irel [...]

3D printed liver transplants one step closer

3D printed organ transplants have been in the cards for a while, but deep tissue printing has proved problematic. Now a team of scientists in Korea think they have cracked the code [...]

Super powered microscope will help crack microstructures

The National Science Foundation has backed researchers at the University of Pittsburgh with more than $500,000, which it will use to build a unique transmission electron microscope [...]

$199 stereo camera: low budget double vision

A $199 stereo vision camera could have an impact on the next generation of machine vision, autonomous cars, robots and even drones. It makes a mean large-scale scanner, too, that c [...]

4WEB Medical Given FDA Clearance

4WEB Medical, a leader in 3D printed orthopedic implants, has announced that they have recieved 510K clearance from the FDA, for their lateral interbody fusion device. The product [...]

The last TSA master key has been hacked

In a move to prove a point about security, a group of hackers have released blueprints to 3D print the eighth and last TSA master key this week at a conference in New York. If you [...]

The Veronica Scanner: Propelling Photogrammetry into the 21st Century

This autumn from 2-11 September the Royal Academy of Arts will be housing an exciting new 3D head scanner, the Veronica Scanner. Named from the Latin word vera meaning "true" and t [...]