Could 3D printed membranes solve a water shortage?

Research from the UK's University of Bath looks at additive manufacturing as a potential solution to the droughts seen across the world. The research examines how 3D printed membra [...]

CES 2017: DWS impress with their sleek 3D printed designs

Italian 3D printing company DWS are creating a reputation for 3D printers that produce intricate and elegant 3D prints, and they again had an impressive collection on display at th [...]

3D printable attention to detail from Type3 CAD software for jewelry design

Using 3D printing for jewelry design opens up new possibilities for unique crafted objects, but creators need powerful tools. The suite of CAD/CAM software from Type3 is specially [...]

3DPI visit Polygonica, software designed for users to simply 3D print

While the name Polygonica may be unfamiliar, chances are if you work in the 3D printing industry you have used their product. From an office in the historic manufacturing city of S [...]

CES 2017: Insights into the future of manufacturing with FATHOM Co-Founder Rich Stump

3D Printing Industry caught up with Rich Stump, FATHOM Co-Founder and Principal for an insight into the company’s experience at CES 2017 and where the market is heading this year. [...]

A review of recent medical advances using 3D printing and 3D bioprinting

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Arconic’s 3D printed concept skyscraper will eat pollution

New York based engineering materials and solutions company Arconic (NYSE:ARNC) was formed from the division of metal specialist Alcoa in November 2016. While some are content to ga [...]

Weekly free introduction to 3D printing and 3D design training

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Google release new Toontastic 3D storytelling app

Google have released the first version of their 3D app Toontastic 3D. The application is designed for children and provides an impressive platform in order to create exciting stori [...]

3D printed liquid metal Ford Torino up for auction

Ioan Florea, an artist from Detroit, is auctioning his 3D printed metal Ford Torino. 3D Printing Industry got in contact with the artist to ask about the work. The sculpture was cr [...]