333D plan $14m listing, questions over valuation and revenue

As the financial markets open today in Australia, a 3D printing company is expected to join the ranks of Qantas and BHP Billiton. 333D (ASX:T3D) plan to use the reverse merger form [...]

Say hello to real time 3D Scanning on your Android phones

Have you imagined to use 3D scanning on smartphones, tablets, and other platforms that are used on a daily basis? I do. And now it’s the time. New Orleans-based company Scandy has [...]

Tongue cancer patient receives best treatment thanks to 3D printing tech

The HCG Cancer Hospital located in Bangaluru, India has become the first hospital to successfully treat a tongue cancer patient using 3D printing and scanning technologies. Headed [...]

Stratasys announce Infinite Build and Robotic Composite, share price jumps

Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) has announced two new 3D printing demonstration models, 3D Infinite Build and Robotic Composite. As previously reported Stratasys, believe the 3D printing [...]

Graduates from Tsinghua University made 3D printed Cheongsam

A fashion show in Beijing last month attracted great attention from 3D lovers. Why? Right, clothes worn by the models in the show could very well be the first 3D printed Cheongsams [...]

Rocket Lab gets closer to Electron rocket launch with completed platform

Shortly after successfully 3D printing the engine and all primary components, Rocket Lab has announced the completion of the launch platform for its Electron rocket. Housed at a pr [...]

Xianlin 3D Technology: pioneer in Chinese biomedical 3D printing

Li Cheng, Chairman of Xianlin 3D Tech, initially engaged in the chemical fiber textile industry, changed to the 3D printing industry in 2004 with a strong will that he would do som [...]

Halo Technologies celebrates grand opening in West Palm Beach, FL

On August 19, 2016, the southern Florida city of West Palm Beach witnessed the birth of a brand new site for innovation and creation. Halo Technologies, a 3D printing, 3D scanning [...]

Diamond Specialist Uses 3D Printing for Machine Development

The Stratasys Fortus 360mc is responsible for the latest mechanical developments in De Beers Technologies production system, and it looks like they'll be investing in the world of [...]

Chinese company uses 3D printing to inherit traditional handicrafts

Recently, Xi’an Chizi Digital Technology Co., Ltd in China has made an order from Hezhang county in Guizhou province. This county is the ancient Yelang Kingdom in Chinese history a [...]