University of Georgia uses 3D printing to create arm brace for running back Sony Michel

The University of Georgia (UGA) has documented its use of a 3D printer to create an arm brace for running back Sony Michel. In a short feature video UGA's Director of Sports Medici [...]

Spanish collaboration develops unique process to 3D print copper induction coils

Spanish company GH Induction has teamed up with additive manufacturing specialists Aidimme to 3D print copper induction coils. The two companies, both based in Valencia, have toget [...]

3D printers in the U.S. Navy fix critical system request from NAVAIR

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) Warfare Center Working Group (WCWG) of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has responded to a critical request for a life-saving part from the fo [...]

3D Printing News Sliced: IKEA, 3D Hubs, Made in Space, Roboze, Spatial Corp

3D printing news to be Sliced today features: 3D Hubs, IKEA, Bea Åkerlund, DyeMansion, Materflow, Wazp, Roboze, Inovsys, Fridman Gallery, Spatial and Made in Space. 3D Hubs announc [...]

Sonova introduces first 3D printed titanium hearing aid

Swiss hearing solutions technology company Sonova started using 3D printers for custom hearing aids at the start of the millennium. Expanding on this additive expertise, Sonova's h [...]

Significant investment in Conflux Technology to advance industrial additive manufacturing

Australia’s Conflux Technology has received a "significant" investment from AM Ventures to advance the functional applications of metal additive manufacturing. The company is a spe [...]

Johnson Matthey 3D prints with precious metals to produce anti-bacterial prosthesis

British chemical company Johnson Matthey has identified the potential of 3D printing with precious metals for medical applications. As part of consortium the company use 3D printin [...]

Monash additive manufacturing postdoc reimagines rocket engine design with Betatype

The geometric flexibility afforded by 3D printing is pushing engineers to rethink the way components are designed. For his postdoctorate degree as an Additive Manufacturing Enginee [...]

MIT’s robotic arm 3D printers take the stress out of architecture

Architectural 3D printing holds the potential to build houses in remote locations where materials and labour would otherwise be in short supply. Projects such as Terra Performa and [...]

NASA grants West Virginia University $100,000 for 3D printed titanium oxide foam research aboard ISS

NASA has awarded a $100,000 grant to researchers at West Virginia University (WVU) to explore the use of 3D printed titanium dioxide foam aboard the International Space Station (IS [...]