3DPI.TV – Nervous System's 3D Printed Bodice

Following Nervous System’s launch of its Kinematics app towards the end of last year, the design studio has introduced a beautiful proof-of-concept in the form of a 3D-printed nylon bodice. Enduring quite a journey to eventual production, the bodice was specifically designed and made to fit based on a 3D scan of one of the designers, Jessica Rosenkrantz.

Unique to the Kinematics’ design is a print without any parts that need to be clipped together or adjusted after 3D printing. The hinges are 3D printed into the bodice and designed in such a way that allows it to be ‘folded’ to fit into the printing space. As you may expect, the reality was not quite as straightforward as the theory, but the designers overcame the challenges.

In order to proceed to making the bodice, there were project elements to verify. The fit of the garment on the person scanned, how comfortable and wearable the piece is, ensuring the folding software is not producing intersecting or fused components, and assessing issues on the fabrication side in terms of printing errors and depowdering procedures. Once all of these steps was verified to the point of near perfection, the bodice was 3D printed and ready for wear.

The bodice captures the avant garde fashion of exoskeleton art fashion while printed out ready-for-wearing. Its lithe form and movement allows the wearer to feel sexy and relaxed yet part of something completely unique and on the edge of technology.