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InfraTrac, the Maryland-based developer of intellectual property protection solutions for 3D printed products, is a final award winner of the America Makes 2016 Additive Manufacturing Challenge for Small Businesses. The AM Challen [...]

Japanese automobile company Daihastu and 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys said last year that clients of Copen would be able to design and assemble customized 3D printed exterior panels. Recently they announced that the large-sca [...]

As someone who often takes their sight for granted, the thought of not being able to see my theoretical future children on an ultrasound monitor has never crossed my mind. It has, however, crossed the minds of Polish company In Ut [...]

Our team here at 3D Printing Industry recently profiled the CEO of the Chinese 3D printer brand, Hori and now, their printer, the Hori Z300 has been authorized by EU RoHS and is ready to enter into the European market. EU RoHS is [...]

Those who are experienced with 3D printers already know the perils of awkwardly vibrating print beds and slipping belts leading to print shifts. However, Fenner Precision and NinjaTek have released a new NinjaTek™ high torque timi [...]

Japanese 3D printing platform Rinkak, which belongs to the Japanese start-up company Kabuku, announced on 16th August that it will jointly hold the LEVEL∞ AIR Vent Hole 3D printing design contest with Level Infinity. 3D lovers fro [...]

Meet Octobot! This amazing robot is the first autonomous, entirely soft robot, and was created by a team of Harvard University researchers. The Octobot is inspired by octopuses, and could revolutionize they way humans interact wit [...]

3D Printing on the World Platform In recent years, we have seen an enormous surge in rapid prototyping or 3D printing being used to manufacture items on both small and large-scale productions here in the western hemisphere. The an [...]

Spiders. Most people imagine giant, hairy disgusting creatures at the mention of the word, not adorable little robots that scuttle across the floor. But that is what Roboeve have created. Meet Xpider, the world's smallest programm [...]

Have you imagined to use 3D scanning on smartphones, tablets, and other platforms that are used on a daily basis? I do. And now it’s the time. New Orleans-based company Scandy has been working towards this since they started their [...]