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Sander Nijssen is the latest addition to Formlabs’ European leadership team, joining to oversee regional operations and finance. Formlabs Europe, headquartered in Berlin, has tripled their numbers in only two years, showing a cont [...]

Seoul's Rural Development Administration (RDA) and Hallym University have collaborated to create a 3D Silk-Printing System that produces components suitable for use in vivo, i.e. within a living organism. The silk 'filament' is ma [...]

Hello Reader, Starting today, I will be beginning a new role as editor-in-chief of 3DPI. If you’re a regular visitor to the site then you may already be familiar with my writing, and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a number of [...]

GE’s (NYSE:GE) planned takeover of Arcam AB (ETR:MAC1) and SLM Solutions Group AG (ETR:AM3D) moved a step closer yesterday. SLM Solutions board members, on the management and supervisory boards, voted to approve a recommendation t [...]

If you haven't been to the Digical Show today, you definitely should go tomorrow. The activity held by London-based iMakr lasts for two days and aims to bring together all the latest developments in the desktop 3D printing and 3D [...]

Businessmen busy talking and exchanging cards, machines working nonstop, customers trying new products - this is what you would see in an event like the TCT Show. For me, I'm particularly curious about what's underneath the boomin [...]

As I've said before, the TCT was such a big show that one simply couldn't finish visiting all the booths within a short day. The use cases presented here are those impressed me by coincidence. Let's have a good look at them. Warwi [...]

I went to the TCT Show in Birmingham today. To be honest, I was really astonished by the scale of this show - you just couldn't visit all the booths within a short day and you constantly got lost in the booth maze. Image: 3D Prin [...]

A craftsman sitting at a workbench , carefully carving the gemstone in his hand with his look dedicated - this could be the scene we used to see in old movies and this is what most common for jewellery production in the past.  As [...]

Further proving that they are anything but microscopic when it comes to business, Nano Dimension Ltd. has raised a $12 million investment from a public offering of 1,850,000 American Depository Shares (ADSs), with  277,500 additio [...]