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Concept Laser plan to realize the 'AM factory of tomorrow' through a collaboration with KUKA group's Swisslog. Swisslog have helped Concept Laser create an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for use in their M Line Factory aspPart of [...]

Metal cutting experts Sandvik are looking to continue their 3D printing journey among uncertainty regarding the future of the tooling market. A growing market for electric cars is changing one of the largest revenues for Sandvik a [...]

Only 4 days since our last edition of Sliced, but the 3D printing stories have already begun to build up this week. Read on for 3DPI's story slices from over the weekend, including: Carima’s DM250; the UP Box+; ScanLAB at the Phot [...]

Ohio-based 3D printing company Tangible Solutions have announced plans to incorporate 3D metal printing to their services. The addition of five Mlab cusing machines and one M2 cusing machine will make them one of the largest users [...]

3D printing will be at the core of government strategy for the next 20 years according to a new plan. In the first of five publications Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have set out [...]

Today, 3DPI has Sliced: the South African Sygnia tech fund; Santa Barbara's silicone printing and recycling; 3D printing deformation patent; the RIVERBASE 500 SLA printer; lasers and 3D printing; the Gale-Shapley algorithm being u [...]

Henry Schein, a global leader in the distribution of health care products, is due to give a glimpse of dental future next week (25th-30th November) at The Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). The dental industry has changed ve [...]

Because the 3D printing world moves fast - we've Sliced some of the news to keep you up to date. Read on for news about MatterHackers, Xiaomi, Farsoon, advances in 3D printed materials and more. The truth behind Xiaomi 3D printer [...]

The U.S may soon have 3D printed homes, and a new partnership are claiming they will be created in just one day. Construction company Sunconomy have teamed up with Russian 3D printers Apis Cor and their 3D concrete printer and rea [...]

The easiest way to learn about robotics is to physically engage with robots. While theory is important, like anything the best way to really learn about something is to put it into practice. At least that is the theory for Engimak [...]