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When it comes to the most suitable field for 3D printing application, the first one I could think of is probably the medical and dental treatment. Our team previously talked about how additive manufacturing is influencing these in [...]

Although transparent optical components may seem a little difficult to 3D print, as we discussed in a previous article, 3D printing in eyeglass frames is indeed booming fast. After all, eyeglass frames are naturally suitable for 3 [...]

FARO® Introduces Freestyle3D Objects, the first handheld, color laser scanning solution through FARO's Early Adopter (EA) Program specifically for the public safety forensics and product design markets. The Major Improvement Faro' [...]

Our team once covered a series of 3D priting stories in Taiwan, featured in metal 3D printing, procelain 3D printing, medical and full-color 3D printing, etc. Taiwan's 3D printing industry is indeed playing an increasingly importa [...]

We covered Luxexcel NV about one year ago. In that article, the author mainly talked about how this fast growing 3D print company printed transparent optical components, such as lenses, prisms, and other complex surfaces by collab [...]

Zortrax, the Polish manufacturer who recently released the M300 3D Printer, has reported its financial results for the first half of 2016. Since April of this year they have shown a 43% increase in revenue, reaching a total of ove [...]

3D printed cameras aren't a new innovation. From Kickstarters for universal cameras to tiny 3D printed cameras that can fit in syringes, we've pretty much seen it all. Except maybe for a completely, 100% 3D printed camera. Using a [...]

This week 3DPI will be reporting from Chicago’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). IMTS takes place only once every two years and is the one of the largest trade shows in the world. The show’s previous edition in [...]

Last month we wrote about Steve Solomon, a retired software engineer and technical director who found a new hobby in 3D printing. Solomon's figurines are beautifully presented and well thought out in both their posing and size. Hi [...]

Lufthansa Technik, aviation repair and maintenance company, are delving further into the world of 3D printing by investing in EOSTATE MeltPool. They are hardly alone in their foray into additive manufacturing, with GE Aviation rec [...]