3D Printing

Watch: Husband & Wife Discuss How 3D Printing Saved Her Life

Last October, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Balzer, co-host of the AllThings3D podcast, where Mike interviewed Mike for what turned out to be a fun, enlightening experience.  Not because we share the same first names, but because I got to learn about a really remarkable story relating to Mike and his wife.  See, Mike, who is a 3D scanning and 3D printing enthusiast, had used his favorite technologies to help diagnose his wife’s tumor and seek out treatment.  As I said, it’s a remarkable story.

Since then, Mike has continued on with his 3D work, partnering up with Occipital to release a VR headset for their Structure Sensor and prepping for the two-year anniversary of AllThings3D.  And, even more recently, Mike and his wife gave this TEDx Talk in Spain, where they eloquently tell the tale of how 3D scanning and 3D printing helped saved his wife’s life.  Check it out below.