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Recycle Old 3D Prints with the Cruncher

After successfully launching two different iterations of their DIY filament extruder, ExtrusionBot has hit Kickstarter again with another 3D printing accessory that can help reduce filament wastes and costs.  The ExtrusionBot Cruncher is a desktop device for recycling old 3D prints into fine plastic to be extruded with the ExtrusionBot EB2 into useable filament.

cruncher 3D print recycler from extrusionbotCurrently heading straight for its funding goal of $20,000, the Cruncher does exactly what you’d think: it crunches failed prints which can then be fed into the EB2 or other plastic extruders – such as the FilaBot, FilaMaker and Filastruder – to create new 3D printing filament.  The Cruncher can also be used independently with printers that run on pellets, like David from Sculptify or machines outfitted with RichRap’s universal pellet extruder.  You might also explore 3D printing with other plastic refuse, like old milk jugs or soda bottles.

ExtrusionBot describes the new device as “much more than just a print shredder,” adding that the Cruncher, “is a true, miniaturized pelletizer. ​The internal classifier screen of The Cruncher ensures the total uniformity of crunched material ​as it is processed. This uniformed mixture provides more consistent sized pellets to your filament ​ extrusion machine. Additionally, finer and more complex mixture ratios can be achieved using our 3D print recycler.”

The Cruncher may not be the only plastic recycler on the market, but, when it comes to recycling and sustainability, the more the merrier, I say! After all, reusing plastic refuse for 3D printing has been pursued by multiple companies to launch ecologically friendly businesses, such as ProtoPrint in India.  And, with a relatively low early-bird price of $485, the Cruncher might be an appealing option.  Plus, for $1k, you can get both the Cruncher and an EB2 to set up your own print recycling service. Head over to the Cruncher’s KS page to learn more or to get your hands on your own Cruncher.