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Publish 3D Printable Fuel3D Scans Directly to Sketchfab

Sketchfab is continuing to establish itself as one of the premier sites to publish 3D models and, more recently, 3D printable models.  The company behind the model sharing site has increasingly sought to integrate itself into existing 3D modeling and scanning software and sites, including Photoshop, i.materialise, and itSeez3D. The site has now found its way into Kickstarter’s most popular 3D scanner, Fuel3D, which today will include a “publish to Sketchfab” function in the software for its handheld scanner.

sketchfab fuel3D 3D printing integrationCEO of Sketchfab, Alban Denoyel, says of the new feature, “We are delighted that an exciting company like Fuel3D has chosen to include Sketchfab in its development of Fuel3D Studio, which is another step forward in 3D’s growth as a consumer market. As more people get involved in creating 3D content, this increases the need for a platform that supports viewing and sharing of 3D models online, and Sketchfab is that platform!”

Stuart Mead, CEO of Fuel3D and the face featured in this article, adds, “We are committed to helping make the creation of unique 3D content something that anyone can do, and Sketchfab provides us with a way of allowing our users to easily share their 3D scans and models with the world. We are looking forward to seeing the results of our users’ experiences with our scanner and Sketchfab will be a great way to help them share those stories.”

Scrunched Face
by Fuel3D
on Sketchfab

The Fuel3D scanner uses built-in, pre-calibrated stereo cameras and photometric imaging to create high-resolution scans almost instantly, leading it to earn $325,343 on Kickstarter and subsequent funding through independent investors. The company is now in the process of shipping its device to its Kickstarter backers and plans for a complete commercial launch next year. Now, owners of the hand-held scanner will have a bonus surprise, the ability to publish to Sketchfab with ease.