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i.materialise Welcomes Sketchfab Interface onto its 3D Printing Marketplace

Online 3D printables marketplace i.materials has just made its printables that much more compelling by adding the popular 3D modeling interface Sketchfab to its API.  Now, i.materialise shop owners can display their products in rich 3D, using Sketchfab’s powerful interface.  In addition to the photos that sellers can already use to promote their printed goods, the Sketchfab platform allows customers to rotate objects to view them from every angle.  And, due to Sketchfab’s features, sellers can also upload distinct backgrounds in front of which to display their goods. Imagine seeing your printable product in the interface below:

3D Scan Store Head 1 Neutral
by Ten24
on Sketchfab

In order to take advantage of the Sketchfab interface in your i.materialise shop, first register for a Sketchfab account and click upload – ensuring that all textures and assets are zipped in a single folder.  Alternatively, you should be able to upload your 3D model via any number of programs, including AutoCAD,  Blender,  Maya,  ZBrush, Solidworks, and Lightwave.  Sketchfab then allows users to change such features as transparency, shading, gloss, and reflection on your 3D models.  Once you’ve completed all of the above steps, perfecting the display of your model, there’s an easy option to display your object in Sketchfab 3D on your i.materialise shop.

For more information on how to get your i.materialise products displayed in a glitzy 3D environment, read about it on the company’s blog here.