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Sketchfab Plays Big Part in Adobe’s Newest Photoshop CC Release

Adobe just added a much-needed 3D printing component to its Photoshop CC software, giving users the ability to modify 3D models with the familiar Photoshop interface and prepare them for print. What was missing from the story was the role that Sketchfab is playing in Photoshop’s latest update.

AP.zip from dramenon on Sketchfab.

Sketchfab is becoming increasingly popular with people who want to display their 3D models online. With convenient embedding features, digital designers can throw a modelled environment into any webpage (see the example above).  With that in mind, the new 3DP-friendly feature for Photoshop CC allows users to publish their 3D models directly to Sketfab.  It’s as simple as clicking on the “3D” tab and clicking “Share 3D Layer on Sketchfab”.  Badda-bing-badda-boom-badda-3D-model-publishing. Designer Daniel Presedo shows the feature in action below:

As Sketchfab puts it, their partnership with Adobe furthers their progress in making the web a 3D-friendly place. With this release from Adobe, designers of 3D-printed objects will be able to both print and share their 3D models with much greater ease and comfort.

Source: Sketchfab

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