3D Printing

Prodways Brings MOVINGLight 3D Printing to Turkey & Israel

Groupe Gorgé has its fingers in three areas of the global marketplace: Smart Safety Systems, Protection in Nuclear Environments, and Industrial Projects, Services and 3D Printing. Prodways, a company developed by Dr. André-Luc Allanic, is now the international group’s 3D printing subsidiary, having been purchased in 2013.  Back in February, Prodways opened a subsidiary in America.  Now, the company is extending its market reach to Israel and Turkey after signing two new distribution agreements with Hortal 3D and BTech Innovation.


Prodways is known for its Promaker Series of 3D printers, which utilize two moving DLP heads to cure  photopolymer resin as the basis for what the company calls MOVINGlight technology.  They are also known for their customized composite materials, which are tailored to each machine and its customer-specific use – most commonly dental and medical applications.


Hortal 3D in Israel and BTech Innovation in Turkey are well regarded tech companies in their own right and will help Prodways grow and achieve its goal of achieving global growth. “We are very pleased with this collaboration between Hortal 3D and Prodways in Israel. There is very strong demand from our customers to have a single service provider who can address all the issues involved in additive manufacturing,” said Danny Kaplan, a Board member of Hortal 3D.

“BTech Innovation is delighted to have teamed up with Prodways, a growing force in 3D printing that is able to offer cutting edge technology aligned with a full range of manufacturing solutions,” said Kuntay Aktaş, CEO and co-founder of Btech Innovation. “We are convinced that the solutions on offer will enable us to become a front runner in markets where we currently operate, particularly in the medical field. Our customers require high quality services based on state of the art technology and proven expertise in 3D Printing.”


The news comes on the heels of another milestone announcement for Prodways: The first sales of their 3D printing machines (1 ProMaker L7000 and 1 ProMaker V6000) by a distributor. Based in Poland, the distributor sold the Prodways industrial 3D printers for €700,000.  Prodways is growing by making strategic agreements with partners who possess a high degree of knowledge about additive manufacturing and its industrial applications.  This update from the French manufacturer demonstrates just how quickly the company is growing, particularly after the €25 million in funding that Prodways recently raised.