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Prodways Raises €25 Million From the FIMALAC Group & Groupe Gorgé

A new player in the European 3D printing market has raised a considerable amount of money. Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé has raised €25 million between Groupe Gorgé and the FIMALAC Group. The fundraising milestone came just a month after Prodways Group announced the acquisition of Initial, the leading French 3D parts manufacturer. Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere, founder and director of the FIMALAC Group was excited to get involved, saying “We are pleased to support Prodways Group in its aim to represent a leading 3D printing player in Europe capable of competing with key American players. In our view, Prodways Group and its teams – widely renowned for their expertise – represent a company capable of fast becoming one of the main leaders in the sector.”

Now, Prodways Group moves into their next phase in becoming the third largest player in the world to offer both 3D printing and multi-technological services to its customers. Because of FIMALAC’s large investment and their comittment to long term industrial support of upcoming projects, they could end up holding a 4.45% stake in the capital of Prodways Group. All the terms will be squared away and publicly announced at the Groupe Gorgé Shareholders Meeting on June 17th.




The company offers Moving Light technology,  which features a moving DLP head, allowing the projection of the image to cure as the head moves, which allows the printer to create detailed parts all over a larger build volume, which is featured on their Promaker L Series of industrial 3D printers.  Their V Series 3D printers print in ceramics and metals.  We will continue to follow the development of companies that are on their way to becoming major competitors in the 3D printing market.