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UZATA Opens as a Marketplace for Used Industrial 3D Printing Equipment

The 3D printing industry is divided into two worlds: the first is dominated by low-cost, FDM 3D printers, while the second is ruled by high-priced, professional 3D printing systems, based on all available technologies. While the former is attractive to mostly 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists, the latter is dedicated to companies and professional industries. Unfortunately, as  companies are encouraged to buy professional 3D printers because of the possibilities they offer, at the same time, they are discouraged by their prices. A new website, UZATA.com, hopes to change all that by promoting the sale of used 3D printers.

Uzata.com used 3D printer site

UZATA.com is the very first catalog of used professional 3D printers. The website gathers all offers from around the globe, mainly from eBay, and puts them in one place, saving users time that might be spent searching the web individually. What’s more, it’s a great resource for pricing information. Big companies, like 3D Systems or Stratasys, don’t make the prices for their 3D printing machines easily accessible; a potential client has to contact one of their distributors or resellers to ask for price. Now, thanks to UZATA.com, they will have at least a general idea of how much they cost – even if the printers aren’t new.

The name “UZATA” comes from Esperanto meaning “used” and every single 3D printer on the website is a slightly used machine that is being sold somewhere on the web. UZATA allows sellers to create a classified ad that can be linked to UZATA’s selling platform. The website enables a user to peruse a variety of used 3D printers, all in one localation, before making a selection. Once the selection is made, the link will take them to the eBay or other sales system for purchase. The idea was not to reinvent the wheel, but to polish it up a bit.

Uzata used 3D printer site

UZATA.com is developed by Mirek Jaskulowski, an entrepreneur from Poland, who has been involved in the 3D printing industry for over two years. Jaskulowski runs, among other sites, Cost-O-Meter, a website providing quick on-line valuation of 3D printing services, as well as Printila, a company that sells 3D printers and filaments, as well as 3D printing services. Jaskulowski was the very first reseller of foreign 3D printers in Poland, selling Leapfrog 3D printers since 2013, and the first Verbatim filaments reseller in Poland as well.

“The idea behind our website is to put all of the ads in one spot for a side-by-side comparison,” Jaskulowski explains. “This way instead of shopping all over the web, people who want to make a purchase can find everything they need in one spot.”

UZATA.com was launched just couple of days ago, but we are already aware that Jaskulowski is working on a number of new functionalities that will bring his product to an even higher level. For more information on the website or to search for a 3D printer, visit: uzata.com