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Prodways Debuts 9 3D Printers, 14 Materials at EuroMold

French manufacturer of industrial 3D printers Prodways is at EuroMold as we speak, bringing with them a host of news.  The company is debuting, along with a range of new materials, nine different 3D printers the company has dubbed ProMakers.

After quietly making waves with their unique MOVINGLight DLP 3D printing technology, the company only made small bits of news at a time with their own brand of resins.  Apparently, the company was waiting to turn those waves into a huge EuroMold storm with nine 3D printing systems.  The company has developed two lines of machines, the L series and the V series.

lseries promaker 3D printers from prodways

The L series includes eight different brands of ProMakers capable of curing photosensitive liquid resins.  The ProMaker L5000 and L6000, in particular have small production areas, making them more affordable and accessible. The L8000, on the other hand, has diagonal dimensions larger than 1 meter and up to 550 mm high.  The V series only includes one machine so far, the V6000, made for 3D printing composite materials, specifically metal and ceramic.

V6000 3d printer from prodways

The company is also presenting its range of 14 “PLASTCure Materials”, developed in-house and in collaboration with partners.  The materials, which range from PLASTCure Model 100 to PLASTCure ABS 3650, include flexible, firm, transparent, biocompatible resins.  And, because their printers use their proprietary MOVINGLight technology, parts can be created extremely fast with high precision, compared to other technologies on the market.

An exciting release from the French company, setting them up to immediately rival many of the other industrial manufacturers on the market.  Visit the newly redesigned Prodways website to learn more.