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3DP Unlimited’s Set to Benefit from Joint Venture to Manufacture High End Mechatronics

Parent company of 3DP Unlimited, PBC Linear has announced a partnership with Moons’ Industries to develop high quality mechatronic components for single and multi-axis robotics and 3D printers. They made the announcement at the China International Industry Fair, one of the largest industrial equipment manufacturing trade shows in China.

PBC Linear manufactures precision linear rails, bearings and drive options, which they hope to combine with Moons’ Industries smart stepper motors, stepper controls and network connectivity solutions to develop the new, advanced mechatronic parts. By combining designer selection and application processes the development process will be simplified and streamlined, saving money and time.

3dp1000 3d printer

As a subsidiary of PBC, 3DP Unlimited is expected to benefit from the new technology developed and apply it to future iterations or their 3DP1000 large-format 3D printer. Here is a brief video about the 3DP1000 and the PBC parts that were used it its development:

“We’ve always been excited about what the future holds for 3DP Unlimited,” said PBC Linear VP of Sales John Good. “The pedigree of PBC Linear, and our expertise in creating robust linear actuators, has always allowed 3DP Unlimited to create some of the highest quality 3D printers on the market. Now, our partnership with Moons’ will allow us to build upon that foundation, while streamlining complex design and engineering processes, as well as expose 3DP Unlimited printers to new markets around the world.”

3DP Unlimited’s large-scale printer was developed by a group of PBC engineers when they found current FDM 3D printing technology to be inconsistent and, often times, too small for the industrial applications that they were developing. The 3DP1000 has a printing envelop of 1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm (39.3inch x 39.3inch x 19.6inch) making it almost 74 times larger than almost every desktop 3D printer on the market.

3DP Unlimited plans to exhibit the 3DP1000 at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is being held January 6-9 and 3DP Unlimited will be conducting live printer demonstrations throughout the show at their booth 71625.