3D Printing

Anouk Wipprecth's 3D Printed Dresses for Audi Feature Smoke, Lights, & Spiders

Audi had some unusually dressed models at the SEEK, Berlin Design Trade Show, next to their A4 automobile, the German manufacturer’s latest creation.  In fact, the models were sporting some of 3D printing designer Anouk Wipprecht’s latest creations, and modified versions of her infamous robotic spider “ATTACK DRESS” and “SMOKE DRESS“, both of which were covered on 3DPI in the past.  Audi contracted the designer to create four dresses for the event based on the design principles used by Audi for their new A4.


To ensure a tailored fit, Anouk used an Intel Real Sense Scanner to map the bodies of the models who would be wearing the dresses.  Each dress was then SLS printed from PA-12 material, a nylon with a good mixture of strength and flexibility.  She designed the dresses primarily using Autodesk Maya, carving out details in Rhino 3D where necessary.

Anouk Wipprecht 3D Printed Mechatronic Spider Dress

If you remember (and who can remember anything anymore), the “ATTACK” robotic spider wearable was intended to ward off unwanted visitors by making aggressive gestures with it’s microcontrolled, robotic spider legs.


The “SMOKE DRESS” has a similar theme, but instead of aggressive posturing by the dress, a smokescreen is created, possibly allowing the person to get away, or warning the aggressor that the person has become uncomfortable and is literally steaming mad.  Or just to blow smoke. Either way is cool.  This dress was also designed for Audi owner, Volkswagen, in 2013.


Next up is the projection lighting “MAP DRESS”, which just might be intended to put on a walking, talking light show, but also has two shields embedded with two Audi Ultrasonic RangeFinder sensors.  Taking conceptual signals from the design of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, Anna created a 3D printed polygon design and added to 20W LEDs to make it shine.


Last, but not least, is a 3D printed dress designed to hold and illuminate Audi’s 60W LED Matrix lights, which could really come in handy if your dress doesn’t impress with the power off.  To learn more about Anouk’s fascinating tech-based couture, specifically designed for Audi, there’s an interesting mini doc below.