3D Printing

itSeez3D Enables Full Body 3D Scanning for 3D Printing

Back when I reviewed the Structure Sensor for the iPad, I was overjoyed with the ease and quality of the itSeez3D 3D scanning app designed for the Structure. The app made it possible to capture full-color 3D scans that I used to make what I thought were pretty amazing 3D prints.  The biggest drawback, however, was that one could only scan heads and small objects.  Today, however, the web app developer has upgraded its software to itSeez3D 2.0, allowing users to perform full-body scans.

Now, with the Structure Sensor and an iPad, you can capture full-body scans, as outlined in the tutorial below. In addition to this new feature, itSeez also improved the resolution of the RGB images taken to create texture maps, using the maximum resolution of a given Structure-compatible device: 3MP for iPad 4, 5MP for iPad Air/iPad Mini with Retina display, and 8MP for the iPad Air 2.  You can now switch between a standard 3MP mode or a “High Quality” sending to take advantage of these higher resolution settings.

The company says that they have only begun iPad Air 2 compatibility and, because Occipital has yet to release a bracket for the iPhone 6/6+, the app may or may not work properly with these latest smartphones.  Either way, this is a big move towards bringing 3D scanning and printing to the masses of iDevice customers out there, with the Structure only running at $379.