Ricardo Pirroni
Ricardo Pirroni
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Born into a family of restauranteurs, Ricardo Pirroni didn't want to join the family business. For the last 20 years he has been creating things that don’t need washing up. Making things from scratch, drawing and designing things that work, that make people laugh, or think, or feel. A recognised authority on cake, he’s also a graphic designer, art director, book designer, animator and conceptualist with a love of dogs, mice, and bees. It’s only a small step to get technical; if you’re going to create things you need to understand the processes, the technologies, the physics. So Rick and 3D printing were bound to meet and get on. It happened a few years back, while developing an idea for a mobile phone and it wasn’t even called 3D printing at the time. The experience left a lasting impression. When he can print that, Rick will feel he’s truly arrived.

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