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Flying the UK Flag in NYC – MakieLab Makes two Very VIPs

MakieLab, our favourite 3D printed custom toy makers were recently invited to New York City to present their custom made, cutting edge, Makies toys at the ‘GREAT Britain / Innovation is GREAT’ show.

MakieLabs was the only UK tech company invited by the Prime Minister’s office to publicise British trade at New York City’s ‘Innovation is GREAT Britain’ show on Tuesday, May 15th to show off not only their innovative and cutting edge products but their high-tech business model too.

While HRH Prince Harry and Prime Minister David Cameron were there to represent the UK, they were amused to be presented with two of their very own custom Makies by MakieLab’s co-founder and COO Jo Roach.


Prince Harry’s doll was dressed in a military hat and sported Harry’s trademark red hair, while PM Cameron’s wore a natty suit and held the chancellor’s budget box tightly in it’s hand.

In case you haven’t heard, MakieLab is a London based startup custom toymaker with a unique twist. Rather than buying a ready made stock product, customers can design, customise and order a bespoke 3D printed doll directly from the Makies website or app

The dolls can be tweaked to the customer’s tastes by adjusting facial features, expressions, hair styles and colours, plus a wardrobe of choice is available for their handmade mini clothing.

Each doll is fully jointed and poseable and, in a first for 3D printed toys, CE certified too

The US accounts for half of UK based MakieLabs revenue and that market is expanding rapidly – A sign that 3D printing tech will help add a few more percentage points to the UK’s growth figures…?

The Makies get just about everywhere these days, clever little things that they are. They have subsequently been spotted on Have I Got News for You (HIGNFY) and in Heat magazine in the UK.

Source: MakieLab