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3D Printing Industry Awards Start-up of the year

This month we will be hosting our first Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards. The event will take place in Central London on May 20th and will see the winners accepting 3D printed trophies.

You can read profiles of the best enterprise 3D printer of the year, the best personal 3D printer manufacturer, and the enterprise additive manufacturing OEM of the year nominations for our 3D Printing Industry Awards.

Our readers are also voting for the best 3D printing software of the year and the best 3D scanner of the year.

Plus, take a look at some of the best 3D printing startups, popular 3D scanning tools and the best 3D design software, as voted for by the most informed people in the 3D printing industry, our readers.

In this article we take a closer look at the 3D Printing Industry Start-up of the year.

The 3D Printing Industry Awards 2017: Start-up of the year 

Mecuris GmbH

Having won the Purmundus Design Challenge at Formnext last year, German start-up Mecuris has since gained further recognition for their 3D printed prosthesis.  The group, based in Munich, received the earlier award for their innovative child foot prosthetic device called FirStep.

Since then, Mecuris has continued to innovate with their use of 3D printing technology and has now been granted CE certification for the devices. Mecuris has added an adult version of the prosthetic, aptly been named NexStep. The two prostheses are both fabricated with 3D printing using CT scans, MRI imagery or 3D scans.

Mecuris is now aiming to gain CE certification for the waterproof variant of their prostheses.

The NexStep. Image via Mecuris.
The NexStep. Image via Mecuris.

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Next up is Indian education initiative, 3Dexter. The Dehli-based company was established in 2015 and is aims to encourage the use of 3D printers in schools and academic institutions. The group have developed their own 3D printing curriculum that empowers creativity, problem solving and visualization skills.

The 3D printing curriculum has been supported by 3 of the 5 school boards in India and 3Dexter received $150k in investment funding last year to advance their aims to bring 3D printing to all schools in India.

Students try out 3Dexter's 3D printer
Students try out 3Dexter’s 3D printer. Photo via 3Dexter.

Vote now for 3Dexter as the 3D Printing Industry Start-up of the year here.

Desktop Metal

The much-anticipated Desktop Metal 3D printer has finally been unveiled, with not one but two forthcoming 3D printers. The first 3D printer from the company, the Desktop Studio 3D printer, will begin shipping in August 2017.

In addition to this desktop 3D printer, the company also unveiled a production system which they describe as “the first metal 3D printing system for mass production.”

Based in Massachusetts, the company is backed by investors including Google. With many readers nominating the company for a 3D Printing Industry award even before a product is officially released, it seems word has gotten around that the company may be on to something special.

The Desktop Metal studio printer. Image via Desktop Metal.
The Desktop Metal studio 3D printer. Image via Desktop Metal.

Vote now for Desktop Metal as the 3D Printing Industry Start-up of the year here.


Lastly, North American newcomer to the bioprinting field BioBots is in the shortlist for the 3D Printing Industry Start-up of the Year award. BioBots first launched their bioprinter in 2015, the BioBot 1.

The company, based in Philadelphia aims to provide an affordable device for bioprinting and launched an online resource platform called “Build with Life” last year to encourage a bioprinting community.

The BioBot 3D printer.
The BioBot 3D printer.

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