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3D Hubs & Proto-pasta Kick Off Exotic 3D Printing Filament Workshop

3D Hubs is embarking on its latest workshop series.  After initiating its colorFabb filament, Sketchfab scanning, and Fusion 360 meet-ups, the world’s largest 3D printing network is kicking off the “3D Hubs & ProtoPasta Special Filament Workshop”, which will see attendees get hands on experience with Proto-pasta‘s specialty filaments, as well as take some home for themselves.

3D Hubs Proto-Pasta 3D printing industry specialty filament workshop copy

Beginning with a meet-up in New York on July 8th, and followed by events in Boston and Amsterdam, 3D Hubs and Proto-pasta will be introducing participants to Proto-pasta Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber filaments.  In addition to learning the best practices on how to use these materials, they’ll also learn how to finish and polish their prints. With the purchase of a $15.00 ticket, you’ll get, along with the workshop and accompanying drinks and snacks, 150g of each type of filament, a retail value of $30.00.  Oh! And tickets will be limited to the first 30 people, so make sure to get them early.

If you can’t make it to this series, keep an eye on our Events Calendar, where others will continually be popping up throughout the summer, including new Scanner, Fusion 360, and colorFabb parties.