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Proto-Pasta Brings Carbon Fiber PLA to 3D Printing Public

Since the successful completion of their Kickstarter campaign back in October of last year, Proto-Pasta has been making steady progress towards establishing itself as a Kickstarted business. The project successfully earned about $36k on the crowdfunding platform, $10k more than requested, for the launch of specialty filaments for FFF 3D printing. They’ve spent the past six months fulfilling their KS orders of Carbon Fiber Filled PLA, High Temperature PLA and Polycarbonate-ABS and are now ready to make their product available to the non-crowd-funding public.

protopasta 3D printer carbon fiber PLAProtoPlant, the company behind the pasta, has launched an online retail store at proto-pasta.com where anyone can buy spools of the speciality filament. Aside from the three filaments, the site will provide updates to customers eager to know when the next high-performance filament will be released. The company is also in the process of establishing a re-distribution network so that you may soon find Proto-Pasta sold at your favorite filament retailer in the near future.

After writing about 3D printing for about a year and a half, it’s exciting to see desktop FFF machines start to mature. When I started, everyone was complaining about the detriment of materials available for desktop fabricators. Though we’re still watching the materials market fill in the gaps, there’s an increasing abundance of alternatives to PLA and ABS. In addition to the experimental goods that Kai Parthy is always working on, companies like ProtoPlant, Arevo Labs, and 3DXTech are releasing filaments with a broader range of functionality. In ten years, I’ll look back on this moment fondly while fabricating a new food printer made from high quality composites from a company like this one.

Source: Proto-Pasta