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Researchers at Virginia Tech have potentially cracked a conundrum that has tormented the scientific community and created a viable method to produce usable metallic nanomaterials. Of course, 3D printing provided the answer and thi [...]

Roboze, an Italian based 3D printer manufacturer, has decided to test the thermal capabilities of the PEEK polymer. PEEK is one of the best performing polymers in the world both in relation to mechanical and thermal capabilities. [...]

Fresh off the heels of their latest development in software packaging, leading tech company, Nano Dimension have just made another announcement guaranteed to improve the overall performance and speed of developing printers. Dedica [...]

3D Printlife has partnered with Fab Lab Hub to help fund nonprofits through discounted distribution of its eco-friendly filaments to the Fab Lab network. Fab Lab Hub has secured special discounts on 3D Printlife’s innovative new e [...]

  You might want to sit down, because this one is exciting. The Virtual Foundry has just launched Filamet™, a new metal infused filament that makes any FDM 3D Printer, a 3D Metal Printer! Yes, really… We just got used to the [...]

Evonik Industries has announced its involvement with HP's Open Platform program and has set its sights on producing a series of custom powder materials that could add a new dimension to this almighty printer. The HP Multi Jet Fusi [...]

With announcements this year of new facilities and increased investment from major companies, UK company Metalysis appears on the cusp of facilitating a revolution in 3D printing. I interviewed metallurgist and business developmen [...]

French company Carbios has taken a massive leap forward in the quest for environmentally friendly bio-plastics. It has revealed an enzymatic polymerisation process to convert lactic acid into a homo-polymer of PLA. In simple terms [...]

3D bioprinting, a type of 3D printing, is a rapidly growing field with more players entering the arena every day. Complementing this growth, 3D bioprinting patent filings are trending upward. 3D bioprinting is a hot area for intel [...]

Breathe-3DP has unveiled its Phoenix filament for those that want a purpose-built Nylon filament that simply raises the bar. It’s made for 3D printing, rather than adapted for the purpose. It combines the ideal strengths of toughn [...]