Materials under the spotlight

Researchers at Nottingham University now has a £3.5 million ($5.12 million) grant to develop new 3D printing materials. The team, led by Professor Ricky Wildman, will look into combinations of materials that could change the way w [...]

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High fashion meets 3D printing

Fashion designer Irina Tosheva has turned to the Zortrax M200 to create bespoke fashion accessories and ornaments that have taken her designs to a higher plane. At SS16, the fashion show in Kosovo that pays homage to the vibrant E [...]

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Airbus takes intriguing patent

Airbus has applied for a patent that could change the face of a vehicle design and could well have wider applications. In essence the aerospace company has found a way to create a shell-like structure that the 3D print is laid int [...]

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Is 3D Printed Titanium Fatally Flawed?

Titanium has become a firm favourite for the medical and aerospace industries, but a worrying report from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that 3D printed titanium could be fatally flawed. Deep X-rays have revealed a porosity t [...]

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Graphene to change industrial heating?

Heaters are an essential part of the material synthesis and device processing and they are not the most efficient things. But now the Department of Material Science and Engineering at Maryland College has used 3D printing to produ [...]

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Tortoise gets new shell, thanks to 3D printing

A team of vets in Brazil has come up with a novel use for 3D printing by producing a whole new shell for a tortoise that was injured in a fire. The Animal Avengers in Sao Paulo have acquired quite a reputation. The team of four ve [...]

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True 3D infill has arrived

Type A Machines has announced a new method for producing true three-dimensional infill of a 3D part that should improve the overall strength and uniformity of almost every 3D structure that isn't a simple solid. Absolute Dimension [...]

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Material science and 3D printing methods explained

In the world of 3D printing, materials are everything and the science is getting more advanced by the day. The days where we just tried to replicate traditional manufacturing options are long gone. Now we are playing to the streng [...]

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Formlabs Makes Going to the Dentist Less Painful

So, something I just discovered: when you go to the dentist to get a crown, or root canal, the guy drilling into your mouth is mostly guessing where that drill needs to be. Eeek!!! Formlabs promises to change this though, through [...]

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Polymaker Introduces New Filament for 3D Printing

Polymaker, an innovative producer of high-quality filament for extrusion based desktop 3D printers, unveils PC-Max, a new filament to join the family of Polycarbonate filaments on offer in Polymaker’s repertoire. Much like PolyMax [...]

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