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A journal has been published detailing a study on the development on a hybrid polymer, which could be used to print scaffolds for cells to grow, creating engineered tissues. In these incredibly specialized niche areas, you wouldn' [...]

California-based company Type A Machines have just unveiled their latest addition to a long list of quality filaments. Joining the ranks of more than 20 other filaments offered on the website are EverydayPLA and PerformancePLA. Th [...]

Adam Beane, renowned master sculptor known for his highly realistic portraits and dynamic poses is revolutionizing 3D printing in a way that will help other fine artists, vfx studios, special make-up effects artists; basically any [...]

Having become know for an unwavering commitment to sustainability, US and Ireland based filament providers 3D Fuel have come up with yet another range of environmentally-friendly filaments. 3D Fuel is actively changing the harmful [...]

A team of researchers in Aachen, Germany, has developed a common language for microstructures that could unite a variety of computer software packages and help drive material science forward. Essentially, it is metadata for physic [...]

Created from an innovative material, a special 3D printed object will soon take pride of place in the home of a prize-winning athlete. The Virtual Foundry, a 3D printing material manufacturer, are working in partnership with Kent [...]

Graphene 3D Lab Inc has put a new material made of single-layer Graphene Oxide on sale. Is this the Graphene breakthrough we’ve been waiting for? Not yet, but we're getting there. ORG-GO is not the ultimate Graphene-based material [...]

Never compromise beauty for durability with your 3D printed projects again. Thanks to Dymax Corporation, users can now print objects that please the eye and stand the test of time. Dymax's latest Bomar® BR-970H is a revolutionary [...]

Researchers at Virginia Tech have potentially cracked a conundrum that has tormented the scientific community and created a viable method to produce usable metallic nanomaterials. Of course, 3D printing provided the answer and thi [...]

Roboze, an Italian based 3D printer manufacturer, has decided to test the thermal capabilities of the PEEK polymer. PEEK is one of the best performing polymers in the world both in relation to mechanical and thermal capabilities. [...]