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Davide Sher
Davide Sher
Davide was born in Milan, Italy and moved to New York at age 14, which is where he received his education, all the way to a BA. He moved back to Italy at 26 and began working as an editor for a trade magazine in the videogame industry. As the market shifted toward new business models Davide started working for YouTech, the first iPad native technology magazine in Italy, where he discovered the world of additive manufacturing and became extremely fascinated by its incredible potential. Davide has since started to work as a freelance journalist and collaborate with many of Italy’s main generalist publications such as Corriere della Sera, Panorama, Focus Italy and Wired Italy: many of his articles have revolved around the different applications of 3D printing.

Another company I really wanted to meet with while in Buenos Aires is Printalot, possibly the largest 3D printing filament manufacturer in Argentina and Spanish-speaking South America. As with companies that I was already familiar [...]

In the center of Buenos Aires, there is a huge, beautiful park - about as large as Central Park in Manhattan - that is entirely covered by free wi-fi. All you have to do to use it is connect and click on “I agree with terms”. Cent [...]

Take the lessons from Professor Pearce’s Open Source Lab (discussed in a recent article), add some low cost bioprinting (such as the systems recently released by BioBots, CELLINK and Ourobotics) and what you get is the Renegade, a [...]

If the biggest limit of 3D printing is that not enough people know how to 3D model, and the biggest limit of video games (IMAO) is that they remain stuck inside the TV (and in the last decade), then, by combining the two, you woul [...]

Bioprinting companies can be successful at start-up investment conferences, although they are sometimes outshone by more immediately accessible products. Bioprinters have the potential to drastically change life expectancy and qua [...]

Unlike other companies that entered the desktop 3D printer arena from some areas of the manufacturing business, Buenos Aires-based Kikai Labs began as a software company. Marcelo Ruiz Camauer, the company’s founder, ran a successf [...]

At 3DPI, we have had the opportunity to interview Professor Joshua Pearce from Michigan Tech a few times. That’s because he represents some of concepts that many 3D printer adopters appreciate and like to promote, in particular th [...]

The fourth appointment on my Argentinian visit was with David Cimino, founder and CEO at 3D Insumos. I had learned just the day before that “Insumos” in Spanish means "supplies", so I figured out that David's company, founded in 2 [...]

When I visited Replikat, one of Argentina’s leading 3D printer manufacturers, I was surprised to find out they have been making their own 3D printers since 2012. Visiting Trimaker, another local 3D printer manufacturer, in their c [...]

Jacopo Truffa, a young set designer from Rome, has had a passion for new technologies and sculpture ever since he was very young, Through low-cost 3D printers, he found a way to better relate these two interests and, after working [...]