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Intech DMLS, a metal additive manufacturing company from India, have announced the development of the country's first jet engine series. Developed by Intech's R&D arm, 'Poeir Jets', the MJE20 engine starts small, powering unma [...]

GE have successfully tested 3D printed components with their GEnx demonstrator engine in Peebles, Ohio. The components will form the GE9X aircraft engine and  be incorporated into Boeing's 777x aircraft. The GE9X will be the most [...]

3D Printing Industry asked Justin Kugler, business development engineer at Jacksonville Florida’s Made in Space about plans for the future of additive manufacturing in space. Made in Space is most widely known for putting the firs [...]

Axiom Space, developers of the 'world's first private commercial space station', have entered into an agreement with out of this world 3D printers, Made In Space. The agreement covers manufacturing in low earth orbit. Made In Spac [...]

California-based commercial aerospace company Moon Express, are on track to send their Electron rocket to the Moon in 2017. The Electron is propelled by 3D printed engines made by Rocket Lab, headquartered in Los Angeles. The proj [...]

Rocket Crafters Inc. (RCI), a U.S. space technology startup, have been granted a patent for their 3D printed rocket fuel technology. Operating out of Utah, the company refer to themselves as, "a highly innovative development-stage [...]

Boeing have enlisted Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) to 3D print parts for their CST-100 Starliner spacecraft. The Starliner will launch early next year. OPM have already begun shipping the OXFAB parts to Boeing ready for insta [...]

As reported earlier, 3D printing for Aerospace has taken another step forward this week. Now new research into ceramics brings hypersonic flight closer. The production of the LEAP and GEnx series engines combine 3D printing with s [...]

The use of additive manufacturing aka 3D printing for production took another step forward this week with news that the LEAP-1C jet engine has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Sa [...]

Travelling by balloon is no longer reserved for Pixar dreams, or even just the above the Earth. World View Enterprises balloons seek to take people to new heights, specifically 20 miles above the Earth’s surface (double the altitu [...]