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Sonaca and Fives-Michelin Additive Solutions (FMAS) France are joining forces to develop, manufacture, and market 3D printed titanium components for the aerospace industry. The collaboration will enable customers to immediately be [...]

As previously reported on 3D Printing Industry, the Reaction Engines Ltd. SKYLON Spaceplane is an innovative new aircraft designed in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). The SKYLON houses one exciting feature on its [...]

Germany’s leading aeroplane engine manufacturer racked up more than $1 billion of orders at a single air show and 3D printing is driving the future. The Farnborough International Airshow in England is one of the biggest aerospace [...]

If there's one thing you never thought you could put on your Bucket list, it would probably be something to do with space launch. However, thanks to the work of Rocket Lab, you're one step closer! You can choose your own launch da [...]

Thales Alenia Space and Poly-Shape SAS have joined forces to create the largest qualified metal printed part for a satellite. The antenna supports for two separate satellites have broken new ground for additive manufacturing and c [...]

After a promising deal with UPS in May, enterprising application software house SAP SE revealed a new partnership with APWorks, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space GmbH. Announced at the Farnborough International Air Show in [...]

As reported by 3D Printing Industry last week, Norsk Titanium (NTi) have made a major announcement today. The Norwegian additive manufacturing company has officially announced New York State's and SUNY Polytechnic University's fun [...]

BAE systems and a professor at Glasgow University have revealed a way to really grow drones with an advanced form of chemical 3D printing. The news has already swept the mainstream news sites, even though this is little more than [...]

Space and technology have collided in a recent design challenge hosted by Star Trek and NASA. Future Engineers has once again called upon students to push their creative boundaries. Since February 2016, they have been working hard [...]

Juno has taken a small step for 3D printing, as well as a giant leap for mankind, with its successful entry of Jupiter’s atmosphere. The craft is the first in space to feature 3D printed parts. They might just be titanium waveguid [...]