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Research company Fotec, part of the University of Applied Sciences in Austria, has 3D printed a miniature igloo and corner of a wall in a composite material containing "Mars dust". The objects were created as part of the Technolog [...]

California's SpaceX private space exploration program, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, has set a date for its first commercial flight around the moon. The Crew Dragon spacecraft, with 3D printed parts, is due to fly two passengers a [...]

Metal additive manufacturing company Norsk Titanium is advancing its 3D printing production at their Plattsburgh, New York facility. In an interview with NBC, Chief commercial officer, Chet Fuller spoke about the aerospace industr [...]

A newly published patent from Made in Space describes several systems that could be used for 3D printing in space. These include, “a system and method for assembling a spacecraft such as a satellite in space.” Michael Snyder, Chie [...]

Researchers in South Africa are developing the world's largest titanium powder additive manufacturing machine. First announced in 2011, the government-backed Aeroswift project produced its first demonstrator parts last year and ha [...]

A team of researchers in Russia have published a paper that uses 3D printing to unlock the potential of carbon fiber composite materials. The materials are commonly used in industry to make lightweight and durable parts. In the Ru [...]

The US Navy's Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) based in Jacksonville, Florida, has 3D printed a part for use inside a T-44 Pegasus airplane. FRCSE Commanding Officer Capt. Chuck Stuart comments, This is an awesome mileston [...]

The use of 3D printing technology at Boeing could seem futuristic to some, featuring as it does levitating objects and spacecraft. But this is par for the course according to one Boeing director, “I’m not going to stick around for [...]

During the recent Defence IQ Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace, Defence and Space (AMADS) conference in London Edward Herderick, GE Corporate Supply Chain and Operations, set out how 3D printing is central to the company’s succ [...]

Surrey Satellite Technology believe 3D printing is changing the economics of space. Chris Hamar, Chief Composites Engineer at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), discussed the use of 3D printing at the company during the 2 [...]