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Wevolver Begins Workshop to 3D Print InMoov Robots for Hospitalized Children

Wevolver, an online platform that helps connect innovative engineering projects and 3D makers, has just opened up their public workshop in Somerset House in London. For their inaugural project, they have chosen to build the open source 3D printable InMoov Robots for Good project.


The InMoov Robots for Good project is the brainchild of French model maker, sculptor, and InMoov founder Gael Langevin. The project focuses on deigning and building open source, 3D printed, life-sized robots. Wevolver has teamed up with the London Zoo and Great Ormond Street Hospital in order to build robots that will act as avatars for hospitalized children, allowing them to virtually visit the London Zoo and venture outside of the hospital walls. The kids will use a virtual reality headset to see through the eyes of the Wevolver-built robot.


Wevolver has six 3D printers set up at their Somerset House workshop. Each printer is working to print out the parts needed to assemble Langevin’s InMoov robot. The only thing Wevolver needs is public support from the London Maker and engineering community for help assembling and coding the robot.

Wevolver’s underlying mission is to connect Makers and engineering projects for collaboration. This first project, at their workshop, offers a standout way for engineers and Makers to come together for a great purpose. This caught the attention of RedHat, the organization behind Linux. RedHat announced that they are producing a documentary on the Wevolver-Great Ormond Street Hospital-London Zoo InMoov robot project.

Richard Hulskes, one of the co-founders of Wevolver says, “Our goal is to inspire makers all over the world to start building their own ‘InMoov Robots for Good’ community and make these 3D-printed robots that make a difference in an individual’s life.”

Learn more about the project at www.robotsforgood.com.