3D Printing

Use Your Making Skills to Win a MiiCraft+ 3D Printer

Looking to grow your personal 3D printer portfolio? Luckily, there are always some contests somewhere that may just help you out.  The latest comes from Belgian 3D printing service provider and software developer Materailise.  The winning entry in their Ideas Worth Making contest will take home a MiiCraft+ DLP 3D printer.

ideas worth making 3D printingcontest from materialise

Materialise’s last Ideas Worth Making contest saw teachers submit ideas for the use of 3D printing in education. With 308 different ideas submitted, all that was missing were actual 3D models (digital and physical) to help these teachers realize their educational goals.  With this new contest, Materialise is turning to the Maker community to 3D model and 3D print these ideas into reality.


To participate in Materialise’s challenge, you simply need to find an idea on the Ideas Worth Making platform, 3D model that idea, and 3D print it. Such educational tools include: 3D printed books for blind children, a Saber-Tooth Tiger model, and a 3D printed wind turbine puzzle, among 305 others. If you can whip up a 3D model of one of these teaching aids, you could have your own MiiCraft 3D printer to further your own modeling and printing.  You’ll also be driving Materialise’s growing 3D printing community, devoted to sharing ideas and 3D printable models meant to serve a beneficent purpose.  Seems like a worthy cause!