3D Printing

SuperMod: Not Your Ordinary 3D Printed Wall

This is not just a wall.

This is a movable, adjustable organizer of space. A solid curtain that plays with falling light. A textured surface that you can feel on the outside and on the inside. It is not one continuous block, but an assembly of modules that you can add in or take out, a wall or window wherever you want it to be.

This is a wall you can 3D print in your home. A modifiable stack of red and white hexagons, whose hollows and gaps can be used to store or decorate. This is SuperMod.

simplus design supermod 3D printed shelving

Brought to you by Simplus Design, this is briefly described as “a 3D printed modular wall system which creates a versatile aggregation that is equal parts function and beauty.” It was designed and assembled by the founders of Simplus Design – Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed – and enabled by Bold Machines, the Innovation Workshop at Stratasys led by former Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis and his team. “Charged with exploring the frontier of 3D Printing,” Bold Machines seeks to “partner with innovators to showcase what Stratasys, Makerbot and Solidscape 3D printers can do, (by) pushing the edges of what’s possible with 3D printing technology.”

texture supermod 3d printed shelving

SuperMod is a great example of just that. Each hexagonal element was printed using Makerbot Z18 3D printers. The elements vary in size from 14 to 22 inches and are made of plastic material that is either opaque white or translucent red (the combination of which produces glowing effects in ambient light). As you can see, its spaces can be used to store almost anything like books, or bottles of wine, or plants, or little decorative pieces.


Simplus Design focuses on creating unique 3D Printed furniture and houseware through parametric modeling and SuperMod is an excellent representation of what ism in their words “a well thought-out physical object”.  As we mentioned last week, the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo (at the Javits Convention Center between April 16 – 17) will host a huge series of Makerbot Sessions, among which Misiurek and Lebed will present SuperMod. The structure will also be on display at the Makerbot stall during the event. Do stop by and take a look!