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Stratasys Releases Objet Eden260VS to Strengthen Dental 3D Printing

Last year, Stratasys strengthened its dental 3D printing division even further with a dental advisory board and, now, at the beginning of 2015, the company has already introduced its first dental-related product, an update to its popular Objet Eden260V 3D printing platform.  The new Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage is meant to be even more useful for mid-sized dental labs and mid-to-large-sized orthodontic labs.

objet eden260 VS Dental Advantage 3D printing for dentistryStratasys’ latest Objet Eden system is compatible with all of the company’s previous dental materials, including VeroDent, VeroDentPlus and VeroGlaze, but the printer has a number of new features.  The 260VS adds a new soluble support option, along with automated support removal, for easily cleaning small, detailed dental parts.  This feature, not available on previous PolyJet dental machines, can ultimately reduce time spent on cleaning supports from such items as the removable die inserts in dental models.

Timed well for the release of their new dental printer, the company has also announced that their VeroGlaze material currently meets the dental requirements of being considered a Bio-compatible photopolymer.  As a result, VeroGlaze can be used to print items that will have short-term contact with mucous membranes, like veneer try-ins with realistic tooth coloring.

objet eden260 VS Dental Advantage 3D printed dentistryDirector of global dental at Stratasys, Avi Cohen, says of the new machine, “Stratasys is fully committed to the digital dentistry market. The Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage brings supremely accurate 3D printing technology to any dental lab seeking to benefit from the future of digital dentistry and orthodontics. The easy-to-use Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage meets the needs of those dental and orthodontic labs seeking professional grade 3D printing capabilities with Stratasys’ signature PolyJet speed, accuracy and consistency. As our most versatile 3D printing solution for the dental sector to date, this new 3D printer meets a broad range of application needs that demand delicate features or fine and complex details, while offering low cost of ownership.”

The Objet Eden260VS is a small upgrade to the company’s dental printing division, but the continued refinement of the product will help Stratasys tackle the growing dentistry market. To learn more about the new system, visit the Stratasys website here.