3D Printing

Stratasys’ VeroGlaze 3D Printing Material Makes A2 Shade Available to Dental World

At this point, 3D printing in crucial fields such as medicine and dentistry is no longer a novelty, but a race for finer precision and application. Stratasys continues to develop products to meet the needs of the dental industry as evidenced by their new product now readily available, VeroGlaze. The new dental material can be used with the Objet EdenV and OrthoDesk 3D printers. In the case of VeroGlaze, the goal is model accuracy producing natural looking dental models with fine details and resolution.

The main attraction of VergoGlaze is the ability to produce the A2 colour of teeth. Those familiar with the colour map of teeth will appreciate the production value much like home renovators looking for that perfect hue for the baby’s new bedroom. Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental, Stratasys expresses his enthusiasm, “The new VeroGlaze dental material is our first step towards 3D printing teeth colour models with remarkable colour matching of the A2 color shade.” And VeroGlaze fits the mould for Cohen’s direction, “We are committed to bringing added value to our dental lab customers through new 3D printers and material innovations.”

This particular innovation looks to implement A2 capability with other dental products aiding the field. Such dental material for digital dentistry can be used in conjunction with all open intra-oral, impression and plaster scanners and is optimized for 3D printing models for crowns, bridge restorations, diagnostic wax-ups and try-in veneers.

Yves Dossche, speaking as manager of Redement in Belgium, a leading veneer manufacturer, says, “Appearance and accuracy are everything in our business and we’re delighted with the details and resolution of the models being produced on our Objet Eden260V 3D Printer with the new VeroGlaze.” Her sentiment echoes the goals of Stratasys’ dental production, and VeroGlaze appears to continue their quality trend.Source: Stratasys